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Supported by the US FDA


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       Cancer Can Be Cured and Is Cured.


So what causes the DNA damage in a cancer cells.

Let us ask one more question: have there been any cancer treatments
that cured cancer by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells?

In the 1930s, as mentioned above, Dr. Royal Rife, a microbiologist,
was able to cure cancer with gentle electromedicine, which had two

frequencies. One frequency was designed to kill the cancer bacteria
(inside the cancer cells) and the second frequency was a "carrier"
frequency which got the other frequency through the cell membrane
to get inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes.

In the book: Cancer & Natural Medicine -A Textbook of Basic Science
and Clinical Research, author John Boik identifies a dozen substances
which have been shown in vitro to be able to revert cancer cells into
normal cells (he calls it "differentiation")!! All twelve of these
items are anti-microbial.

DMSO also reverts cancer cells into normal cells, but is so important
it is mentioned in its own table, Table 2.3!!

If cancer was caused by DNA damage, it would be impossible to revert
cancer cells into normal cells. But several very effective alternative
cancer treatments were designed to do just that.

There are likely many natural molecules in nature which cure cancer
by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells, but which have not
yet been identified as working in this manner. It is much easier to
kill microbes than to kill cancer cells, if the substance can get
inside of the cancer cell.

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The Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. (ICRF) researches
both electromedicine protocols (such as Rife developed) and has
also designed several cancer treatments using DMSO or MSM as carriers
to get microbe killing substances (such as colloidal silver) inside
of cancer cells. These treatments have been very successful, but
research is still very preliminary.

In fact, for several years, the ICRF has been involved in researching
ways to revertcancer cells into normal cells. The reason for this
research is that these protocols can work much faster than protocols
which kill cancer cells because there is no debris from dead cancer
cells. This is the ideal way to cure cancer, along with building the
immune system.

Part 3a of 3: The Immune System A normal person will not be diagnos
ed with cancer in their lifetime. The reason is that there is enough
of a balance between their immune system and the number of cancer
cells that the cancer cells do not get out of control. However, what
most people do not understand is how sophisticated and potent the
immune system is if it is fully functioning. In fact, it is extremely
rare when someone's immune system is fully functioning, that is why
so little is known about the power of the immune system. It is a
fact that if a person's immune system was fully functional no one
would ever get cancer.

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The immune system creates two key molecules called: interleukin and

interferon. These molecules are called neuropeptides or nerve
proteins. There are more than 2,000 neuropeptides in the body, but
the cancer-fighting effects of most of them are unknown. Interleukin
and interferon, and likely several other neuropeptides, are absolutely
deadly to cancer cells!!

The problem is that the human body generally does not produce an
optimal amount of these neuropeptides. The reason is that microbes (but
not the same microbes that live inside of cancer cells) block the
effectiveness of the immune system.

The average person has about 2 pounds of microbes in their blood-
stream and in other places in their body. It is these microbes
which interfere with the immune system's ability to create these key

God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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