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Is Alternative Cancer Treatment Safe & Effective Cancer Treatment.

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Is Alternative Cancer Treatment Safe & Effective Cancer Treatment.

       Cancer Can Be Cured and Is Cured.


Question #6:

Can alternative cancer treatments cure someone who has had
extensive chemotherapy, radiation and surgery?

Answer #6:

That is the key question because most people who look into
alternative medicine have already had extensive orthodox
cancer treatments!! Many of them have been sent home die
before they even begin look ing for an alternative cancer

As already mentioned, the cure rate of natural medicine
(i.e. alter native medicine), for people who are newly
diagnosed, can be over 90% if the patient works with an
expert who knows what he or she is doing.

For alternative medicine experts, the cure rate for
advanced cancer patients, who had had significant
chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, used to be about

Even though alternative cancer treatments are getting better
and stronger, the cure rate has probably dropped slightly in
the past few years because medical doctors are keeping their
patients on chemotherapy and radiation longer and longer.

Do not assume your doctor's estimate of how long you have to
live is correct, especially if you start using alternative
cancer treatments. If you work with an expert, your chance
of survival is about 50%, but even those who die can have a
more comfortable life and can life longer.

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One very, very important thing to understand about alternative
cancer treatments is that not all alternative cancer treatments
are equally strong !!! This is true especially for cancer
patients who have had a lot of orthodox cancer treatments!!

For example, carrot juice and a different diet can easily cure
most newly diagnosed cancer patients, but it would probably
not be strong enough for a cancer patient sent home to die by
orthodox medicine.

However, carrot juice can be part of a highly potent protocol
designed specifically for advanced cancer patients. For example,
the Cellect-Budwig protocol, which was designed specifically
for advanced cancer patients, includes carrot juice but it also
includes several other treatments.

When a cancer patient is first diagnosed, there are usually
hundreds of alternative cancer treatments which can cure them,
if they are combined with a good diet.

However, by the time a cancer patient is sent home to die by
orthodox medicine, the number of natural cancer treatments
which can give them a real chance of survival has dwindled to
only a handful of treatments. This is because not all alternative
cancer treatments are equally strong. Most cancer patients begin
their cancer treatment with orthodox medicine and when they are
sent home to die they simply go home and die. Those sent home to
die who look into alternative medicine at
least have a fighting chance.

An "advanced cancer patient" (i.e. someone who has had extensive
orthodox cancer treatments or someone who has a very nasty type
of cancer) MUST work with an expert in alternative cancer treatments
to even have a hope of survival. Helping an advanced cancer patient
survive is an extremely complex process.

One option is to work with someone by telephone and another option
is to go to analternative cancer treatment clinic in the U.S.
or another country. Do not assume that all clinics are better than
all home treatments. Some home treatments (with expert telephone
support) are far better than some clinics.

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Since 2002 I have been researching alternative cancer treatments.
I know I have seen more than 600 alternative cancer treatments.
But since 2004 I have been sorting out these treatments, as
time permits, to find the most potent treatments for advanced
cancer patients.

It is this research which has allowed the Cancer Tutor website
to help so many cancer patients. And I have never charged one
cancer patient a single penny.

But other cancer researchers work full-time to help cancer patients
and by necessity these people do need to charge for their services
and material.

God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
42 S. Sherwood Dr.
Belton, Tx. 76513


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