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Will our Medical Health Care system & US FDA Treat Cancer?

Will our Medical Health Care system & US FDA Treat Cancer?

       Cancer Can Be Cured and Is Cured.


Question #8:

What Is the approach of alternative medicine?

Answer #8:

Every human being has cancer cells in their body!! Anyone who
can read this sentence has many cancer cells in their body.
However, our bodies were designed to have a very, very
sophisticated immune system which, among other things, was
designed to safely target and kill cancer cells.

When a person is "diagnosed" with cancer it means there is an
imbalance in their body between the strength of their immune
system and the number of cancer cells in their body. In other
words, something has damaged their immune system and/or
something has caused a high number of cancer cells to form.

The result of this imbalance is an abnormally high number of
cancer cells which thrive in their body. The number of cancer
cells may grow out of control and eventually the person may
be diagnosed with cancer.

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The approach of many alter native or natural health practitioners
is four-fold:

First, change the diet and lifestyle of the person to change
their "inner terrain" to make the body hostile to cancer cells
(e.g. change to an alkaline diet),
Second, strengthen the
immune system with very gentle electromedicine and/or natural
Third, use very gentle treatments that safely target and kill
the cancer cells or revert the
cancer cells into normal cells,
Fourth, use supplements to protect and energize the non-cancerous
cells damaged by orthodox treatments.

As to the third item, if you kill all of the microbes which are
inside of a cancer cell it will be able to restore its metabolism,
start creating ATP molecules again (without using fermentation)
and will revert into a normal cell. Dr. Royal Rife knew this in
the 1930s but his discoveries have been ignored by orthodox medicine.

By doing all four of the above things the cancer patient has the
balance between their immune system and the number of cancer cells
restored without damaging the body.

They are cured because the balance has been restored back to normal!!
The approach of orthodox medicine, however, severely damages the immune

system with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. This makes the
imbalance even worse

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Orthodox cancer treatments also kill many healthy cells and can
damage organs and the lining of the stomach and colon; which can
make it difficult for the patient to extract nutrients from healthy
foods and supplements.

One of the reasons alternative medicine cancer researchers are so
interested in developing electromedicine protocols is because so
many cancer patients have damage to the lining of their stomach
and colon (due to chemother apy or surgery).

Electromedicine becomes their only hope for survival because these
things work without the ability of the stomach and colon to digest
nutrients from foods.

Is it any wonder that alternative cancer treatments, when used on
newly diagnosed cancer patients and when administered by exper
ts, have a massively higher cure rate than orthodox medicine?
Alternative cancer treatments build-up the person's body (especially
the immune system) and gently deals with getting rid of the cancer cells.
However, even when orthodox medicine puts someone into "remission"
(i.e. their cancer appears to be gone), their treatments have damaged
the immune system sobadly that they have made the imbalance even worse
, so even if orthodox medicine claims they have put someone into
remission, it is almost certain the cancer will come back!! This is
called: regression.

God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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