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The US FDA and Our Health Care

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Cancer Can Be Cured and Is Cured.


The US FDA and Our Health Care

In fact, many of them spend millions of dollars a year hiring
full-time staffs to provide them good public images, even
though most of them avoid publicity themselves.

The politicians are more than happy to get the glory of the
world, get rich, and do what they are told to do
Absolutely nothing has changed since the 1880sexcept that the
tactics of the media have become far more effective than
they used to be.

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If the media were to tell the general public that carrot juice
and a special diet (as one of many examples) can cure many
cases of newly diagnosed cancer, the pharmaceutical industry
would lose billions of dollars every year in revenues. And the
media would ultimately lose billions of dollars in revenues.
And many people would survive their cancer!!

The truth will never be told because the media has always sold
their opinions to the highest bidder and has always been
controlled by the ultra-wealthy who lust after even greater

The media makes billions of dollars every year by totally
blacklisting information about alternative medicine. By
blacklisting alternative medicine, people assume that
prescription drugs are far more effectiv e against cancer
than natural substances because they trust what they see
on television. It is a highly profitable deception which
takes advantage of people's assumptions and trust

. As John Mayer said: when you trust your television
(i.e. giant corporations): "What you get is what you got."

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What people trust is ultra-wealthy businessmen; not Mother
Nature. The more the media can convince the general public
that there are no cures for cancer in Mother Nature, the
more people will run to their doctor to get drugs when
they get sick and thus the more money the pharmaceutical
industry will make and the more money the ultra-wealthy
will make, and the more money the media will make!!!

Ponder that carefully because that is the precise reason
you know absolutely nothing truthful about the more than
600 cancer treatments in Mother Nature!! By blacklisting
the truth about alternative medicine, the media forges
a strong relationship with the pharmaceutical industry
that results in billions of dollars in revenue every year
by selling advertisements to the drug industry.

The truth is that the medical cartel, the media, the
pharmaceutical industry, and some types of chemical companies,
have no more in tegrity than the tobacco industry, which
knew in the 1930s that tobacco caused lung cancer. The
tobacco industry tried for many years to cover-up the
obvious truth that tobacco caused lung cancer. It wasn't
the media, the President, the Congress, the Food and Drug
Administration or the other federal agencies that brought
down the tobacco industry; it was the state of Minnesota.

The media, the medical cartel, almost every government on
earth, and nauseum , continue to totally blacklist the
truth about alternative cancer treatments because there
is no money in telling the truth.


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