Friday, May 17, 2013

Is the United States federal government totally corrupt or do they act in my best interests?

Question #4:

Is the United States federal government totally corrupt or
do they act in my best interests?

Answer #4:

Starting in roughly 1910 (when the Flaxner Report came out
under the umbrella of Rockefeller and Carnegie), foundations
(controlled by ultra-wealthy families)started controlling the
medical schools by using "charitable contributions."

These tax-free foundations, which were really nothing more than
a tax haven for the ultra-rich, started forcing the medical
schools, which they individually favored, to convert over to
"modern medicine" (i.e. synthetic drugs).

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At about the same time these same families also took over the
"research" of the American Medical Association.

It didn't take long before all medical "research" done at
medical schools and the AMA were "looking" solely for medical
treatments which used synthetic drugs which could be patented.
Furthermore, these cartels controlled who was on the faculty
of these medical schools and thus all medical schools eventually
converted over to teaching nothing but drug medicine to their

Natural medicine was totally dropped from their curriculum.
Today, the average housewife knows more about natural medicine
than the average medical doctor.

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The U.S. Government was certainly no obstacle to the plans
of Big Pharma and even handed the pharmaceutical industry
its own police force (which is now called the FDA). In other
words, the FDA is the police force for the pharmaceutical
industry and the chemical industry. The ubiquitous phrase
"FDA Approved" means absolutely nothing about the safety or
effectiveness of a product. In fact, "FDA Approved" really
means "Highly Profitable to the Pharmaceutical Industry."
The FDA has the police powers that the pharmaceutical industry
needs and uses. The FDA will do whatever the pharmaceutic
al industry tells it to do.

The FDA uses their police powers to proactively crush alternative
medicine. The FDA has shut down many medical clinics which were
curing cancer. They have also jailed many vendors of products
which cured cancer. Many state governments have also shut down
clinics which were curing cancer.

This is actually a worldwide problem for alternative medicine.
It seems that the governments of almost all nations have sold
-out to pharmaceutical industry money. For example, the
governments of Australia and Canada are just as corrupt as the
United States. Only one nation  in the world has "Freedom of
Choice in Medicine" as part of their constitution.


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