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Can We Rely on The USFDA to Help Us?

Does Cancer kill...Or Does Medical Cancer Treatment Kill?

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    Question 4

      Cancer Can Be Cured and Is Cured.


In the United States the government has made it impossible for
vendors of natural substances to mount any competition again
st the pharmaceutical industry. They have done this in several

First, natural substances cannot be patented. Thus, vendors of
natural substances cannot make very much money selling their
products because they cannot create amonopoly generated by

Second, vendors of natural substances cannot make any "medical
claims" about their products until they are "FDA Approved."
However, due to a lack of profits because they cannot get
patents and due to their inability to make truthful "medical
claims," vendors of natural substances cannot raise enough
money to get "FDA Approval."

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Vendors of natural substances are in a paradoxical situation,
they need to have money to make money. Thus, only huge
corporations (which will always be controlled by ultra-
wealthy families, directly or indirectly, due to a wide
variety of tactics) can get something "FDA Approved."
The cost of getting a substance "FDA Approved" is gigantic.
This is not because the FDA cares about human life; it is
partly to price the cost of getting "FDA Approval" out of
range of any entity which is not controlled by the "ultra-

To pamper the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA has prohibited
vendors of natural products from making medical claims about
their products, even if those medical claims are based on
solid scientific evidence and extensive testimonials.

So what if one of these vendors of natural products did have
hundreds of millions of dollars to get a product which cures
cancer "FDA Approval?" Not to worry, the FDA has rigged their
regulatory process to make it impossible for a natural product,
which cures cancer, to get FDA approval, no matter how much
money they have.

The uniform behavior of Congress, the media, the FDA, ad
nauseum , is not coincidental. All of these entities are
totally controlled by the same money pie. It seems our
government and media are not hing but whores who sell us out
for personal profit.

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In summary, while the media blocks the general public from
learning that alternative cancer treatments even exist, the
job of the FDA is to block the general public from hearing
the truth from vendors about their products which can cure
cancer. Plus the FDA has blocked the availability of many
natural cancer treatments.

Congress and the White House, as always, are in the hip pocket
of any industry with enough money to control them. They are
like children looking for free candy.

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God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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