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More on Our Health Care and the US FDA

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Cancer Can Be Cured and Is Cured.


More on Our Health Care and the US FDA

Question #2:

Why do television shows glorify medical doctors so much?

Answer #2:
They glorify medical doctors because real medical doctors
are the ones who prescribe the drugs that are sold by their
advertisers. In other words, they glorify medical doctors
because their advertisers want them to.

Because the media glorifies medical doctors on their television
shows, when someone gets cancer, or any other serious disease,
they immediately head for their doctor's office because
television has conditioned them. Then they buy prescription drugs
by the bucket. Do you see the connection?

The problem is not so much that what the media says is false;
the bigger problem is that the media does not tell you the
whole story. This is called blacklisting. What the media tells
you is like a puzzle with half of the pieces missing.

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You would not believe how fanatical the media is that NO MENTION
of the missing pieces ever gets on the air!! The main job of
"producers" is to make sure none of the missing pieces is ever

They don't tell you both sides of the story, they only tell you
one side of the story- the most profitable side. They blacklist
the other side of the story. This leads to assumptions by the
general public and these assumptions are precisely what the
pharmaceutical industry and media want people to make. These
puzzle pieces are missing by careful design!! The fact that
there are cures for cancer, AIDS, malaria and many other diseases
are just some of the many missing pieces. Many of the missing
pieces have nothing to do with medicine.

Watching the media is more like watching a carefully directed
play with professional actors than it is watching a group of
people looking to uncover the real truth.

Because the media says nothing about alternative medicine,
the general public automatically believes that alternative
medicine is useless.

Blacklisting is an incredibly powerful brainwashing tool!!
Neither Pavlov, nor Hitler's brainwashing machine, were in
the same league as today's modern media at manipulating the
minds of the public. The media has mastered the art of
suppressing the things they do not want the public to hear
without the public even knowing anything important is missing!!
And that is the key. The general public has absolutely no clue
that massively important facts, life-saving facts , are
intentionally missing from their television sets. The powers
that be do not want the "worthless eaters," as they call us,
to know their options.

"No one understood better than Stalin that the true object of
propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to
produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the
first trace of unorthodox thought immediat ely reveals itself
as a jarring dissonance."

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Alan Bullock, Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives Has the media
created a "uniform pattern of public utterance?" The truth is
that more than 99% of all Americans, when they are first
diagnosed with cancer, run to their medical doctor to use c
hemotherapy, radiation and surgery!! Americans can't be
slashed, burned and poisoned fast enough.

Now that is a "uniform pattern of public utter ance," especially
considering that Mother Nature's cancer treatments are far, far
more effective than those of orthodox medicine!!

Furthermore, whenever I tell someone that modern medicine is
totally corrupt and that Mother Nature can cure cancer, they
look at me as if I had just escaped from a mental institution!!
That is an example of the "jarring dissonance" created by the
"uniform pattern of public utterance" created by the media!!
The media has achieved this "uniform pattern of public utterance,"
not by attacking alternative medicine, but by uniformly and
universally blacklisting it.

The media has created a fantasyland of false information which
does not exist in the real world, but by using enough repetition
it has become "reality" to those who are hypnotized by its

Isn't that the definition of "brainwashed?" This is exactly
how all dictators gain control of their subjects. They control
everything the public hears and everything the public hears
is a carefully orchestrated fantasy of deceit.

But the key is absolute and total control over what people hear
. Any conflicting voice must be totally shut down and blocked
out of the media. Hitler had people tortured and executed for
handing out pamphlets which were critical of what he was doing.
Some people think the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
exists to guarantee freedom of speech in America.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The FCC exists to
crush freedom of speech. But you don't hear the truth about
the FCC because the media are puppets of the same "rich men
behind the scenes" as the FCC!!

The media, medical cartel, etc. all have huge financial
interests in keeping you sick as long as possible. They have
no interest in your survival!!

I have found it virtually impossible to convince anyone that
Mother Nature is smarter than their medical doctor. The media
has created a nation of walking zombies who think that God is
too stupid to cure cancer. If you want to know who the "rich
men behind the scenes" are, read the book: Murder By Injection.

-The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America,
by Mr. Eustace Mullins, 1988

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