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Can Mother Nature's "natural cancer treatments" really cure cancer?

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       Cancer Can Be Cured and Is Cured.


Can Mother Nature's "natural cancer treatments" really cure cancer?

Question #3:

Can Mother Nature's "natural cancer treatments" really cure cancer?

Answer #3:
While medical doctors do have intelligence, intelligence without
inte grity is the worst possible combination. Medical doctors
clearly have the intelligence to use Mother Nature's cures for
cancer, but they choose not to use them.

But to be fair to individual medical doctors, it should be mentioned
that individual medical doctors don't have the freedom that people
may think they have. Our modern medical establishment is so corrupt
that if a medical doctor integrated a single treatment of Mother
Nature into a cancer treatment (as opposed to using Mother Nature
to treat symptoms), they could lose their medical license!!

Think about that for a minute. Medical doctors are not even allowed
to find out, disease by disease, whether natural treatments are
more effective than worthless mutated drugs!! They must always
use worthless mutated drugs unless they are dealing with the
symptoms of disease.

It is "fish or cut bait" for individual medical doctors; meaning
they have to choose orthodox medicine or alternative medicine.
There is nothing in between. Many medical doctors have switched
to alternative medicine. Oh, it gets worse.

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Just in case someone with integrity gets a position of power in
the AMA (the American Medical Association, the labor union of
medical doctors), or the AMA loses a court case because of their
corruption, the federal government can also yank a medical doctor's

Public Law 92-603 (i.e. PSRO), signed by President Nixon in 1972,
authorizes a government agency, the Department of He alth, Education
and Welfare to create "standards" and yank the license of any medical
doctor who does not obey these "standards."

The reason the medical cartel can persecute its own members is that
Mother Nature is "unapproved" for treating cancer by the equally
corrupt Food and Drug Administration. This does not mean Mother
Nature does not know how to cure cancer, it only means that using
Mother Nature's treatments arenot profitable enough to satisfy the
greed and corruption of the medical cartel, Big Government and
others who have their finger in the pie. Big Pharma pays far better
than Mother Nature. But that is because corruption in our
government gives Big Pharma the right to "patent" their mutated
molecules. More will be said about patents in the next question.

When someone tells you that Mother Nature's cancer treatments are
"unproven," just remember to translate the word "unproven" into
the word: "unprofitable." Mother Nature's cures are unprofitable
because they cannot be patented plus they cure cancer instead of
creating a chronic patient.

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The corruption which yields massive amounts of profits is the
under lying trigger that prevents the average person from knowing
the truth about Mother Nature. It is patents that create massive
profits for Big Pharma and it is these profits which control
everything you hear in the media, the government, the universit
ies and at your doctor's office.

The fantasyland that the media, drug companies and medical
cartel have painted was carefully designed by many, many
busines smen who lust after power and profits and who couldn't
care less about your health or life!! Mother Nature cares about
your health and life and has put hundreds of cures for cancer in
her plants.

God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
42 S. Sherwood Dr.
Belton, Tx. 76513

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