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Can Mother Nature's "natural cancer treatments" really cure cancer?

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Cancer Can Be Cured and Is Cured.


Can Mother Nature's "natural cancer treatments" really cure cancer?

Question #3:

Can Mother Nature's "natural cancer treatments" really cure cancer?

Answer #3:
The late Dr. William D. Kelley, a dentist by training, and probably
someone you have never heard of, used natural cancer treatments to
treat more than 33,000 cancer patients.

Dr. Kelley used special diets, proteolytic enzymes, and other natural

substances. He was able to cure more than 90% of the newly diagnosed
cancer patients who went to him instead of "orthodox medicine" (i.e.
ch emotherapy, radiation, surgery, etc.). Compare Dr. Kelley's cure
rate of 90% to the overall cure rate of less than 3% of
orthodox medicine. Dr. Kelley's treatments are we ll documented
and are more than 30 times more effective than those of "modern
medicine" which uses man-made molecules which can be patented.

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What is wrong with the medical community?
They could have a 90% cure rate on newly diagnosed cancer patients
if they used the highly documented approach of Dr. Kelley. But
instead they use treatments from the pharmaceutical industry
which have cure rates of less than 1% for almost all kinds of cancer.

If the people in orthodox medicine were REALLY looking for cures
for cancer they would be looking in Mother Nature. They wouldn't
have to look very far because there are already hundreds of known
cures for cancer in Mother Nature. All they have to do is ask us
and we will be happy to tell them all about these cures.

Don't believe orthodox medicine when they pretend they are "looking"
for cures for cancer!! The only thing they are looking for is more
profitable treatments . They want to maximize their profits before
the patient dies. Curing cancer will never be as profitable as
treating cancer as a chronic disease.
There are many reasons Mother Nature's treatments are far superior
to those of Big Medicine. One reason is that scientists and medical
doctors are not as smart, compared to Mother Nature, as you might
think they are. This makes perfect sense if you happen to believe
that God created Mother Nature's genius.

For example, no scientist in the world has the slightest clue
how the algorithms, built into the nucleotides on our DNA, control
the morphing of a fertilized egg, which has one DNA strand, but
morphs into a human baby who has 100 billion brain cells and 100
trillion synaptic connections which connect its brain cells!!

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Furthermore, this brain morphs in the fetus at the same time
the liver, heart, kidneys, arteries, toes, eyes, hair, etc.
are morphing!! How this happens is far beyond the ability of a
human being to even remotely grasp. The same genius who designed
DNA is the very intelligence behind Mother Nature!!

"If the brain were simple enough to understand, we would be too
simple to understand it."

Quoted in: Listening to Prozac by Peter D. Kramer Do you think
the being who designed DNA is smart enough to cure cancer??
Do our medical doctors (who don't use Mother Nature) cure cancer
as well as the late Dr. Kelley and many other experts in natural
medicine? It's not even close.

Pieces of Dr. Kelley's protocol are frequency used in alternative
cancer treatments, but the entire protocol is rarely used because
there are better treatments now.


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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