Saturday, March 9, 2013

How Sound, Light and Electromagnetics Can Heal the Body

The body is comprised of electro-magnetic transmission and communication.
It emits electro-magnetic waves and responds to electro-magnetic waves.

All biological functions correspond to electromagnetic phenomena. The
electromagnetic energies that exist in living tissue are extremely
potent. When you target a living cell with the precise frequency that it
needs, it will respond favorably, and health can be restored in an
amazingly short period of time.

Electro-medicine covers a vast territory of different energies. The
therapies discussed here and following, i.e., electro-magnetic radiation,
frequency harmonics therapy, far infrared energy, electrical current,
oscillating and pulsed magnetic fields, radio waves, light and sound
therapy are all part of the Photon Genius transmission system.

Conventional physics does not regard sound as part of the electromagnetic
spectrum per se. However, every frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum
has a corresponding sound, even if we cannot hear it. Thus, audible and
inaudible sound has an intricate relationship to electro-magnetic
frequencies and can also be utilized for healing.

The Technologies of the Photon Genius

The Photon Genius is essentially an Energy-Medicine Instrument that
provides the following energies and therapies for use by the human body:

    Electrical Energy – the human body is electric and needs electrical
current to run, providing nerve impulses and communications for
controlling mitosis to thought, cellular communication to healing,
intelligence to consciousness and self-awareness, and from pain to
pleasure, etc. Robert O. Becker’s 40 years of research into the
electrical aspects of the human body and its critical function in healing
is profound and now confirmed by science in his groundbreaking book
“The Body Electric”. Becker proved that electrical currents do exist within
the human body and that they not only correspond to organs and
structures, but exist in every cell, certainly every nerve, the brain,
but also can be accurately measured as acupuncture’s meridian lines. Dr.
Becker was able to create new instrumentation that could detect Chinese
Medicine’s Chi.

The smallest voltmeters created by University of Michigan biophysical
chemist Raoul Koppelman in 2008 can fit thousands of voltmeters inside a
single human cell and still take up only one-millionth of the cell’s
volume. Interestingly enough, the charge measured by the new tiny
voltmeters is in excess of 15 million volts per meter throughout. This is
about the strength of lightning, and now proves that the cell is NOT
99.9% electrically dormant, as previously thought, but full of electrical
and chemical energy throughout and not just in the cellular membrane.

The Photon Genius provides both electric and electro-magnetic radiation
directly to the human body through its ionized noble gas tubes,
energizing and enervating the human body, often malnourished by electro-
magnetic pollution from microwaves to cell phones to power cables. Only
an electro-medicine device like the Photon Genius can do this.

    Electro-magnetic Energy – all electrical fields produce a
corresponding electromagnetic field and the body’s EM fields can now be
seen and measured. EM fields provide communication, health and many other
benefits. In fact, the electro-magnetic fields of the organs, especially
the heart, can now be measured with modern instrumentation. The body is
not only electric, it is also electro-magnetic. Science has determined
that normal cells have a higher magnetic resonance than abnormal cells.

This can be measured using modern instrumentation. Science has long known
about the principles of nuclear magnetic resonance, and, in fact, the
modern MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging Device, uses the nuclear
magnetic resonance of the cells to generate its images.

The Photon Genius provides nourishing electro-magnetic energy in a wide
range of frequencies which can be individually controlled. No other
electro-medicine device provides the range of frequencies, or the full
spectrum of electro-magnetic frequencies, including the infrared
frequencies, as does the Photon Genius. Ill health always presents with
lowered electro-magnetic energy fields at the cellular level. At times,
illness can be caused by this lack of vital energy, among other factors.

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