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Herxheimers and Natural Medicine

A True Story

As a natural medicine cancer researcher I deal with a lot of vendors who
have good products. And as a researcher of many diseases which are caused
by microbes, including cancer, I am always looking for better ways to
kill microbes in the bloodstream and inside the cancer cells.

Some years ago I was introduced to a man who made chemicals that killed
microbes in water treatment plants. At the time it was the only anti-
microbial treatment that killed microbes as measured in "parts per
billion." It was incredibly powerful at killing microbes!!

As someone with sinusitis I took some of this product home and thought I
would give it a try on myself. Doing some quick mathematics, I put a few
drops (yes, drops) in a quart of purified water and then put some of it
in a nasal spray bottle. I then sprayed some of it up my nose.

In the middle of the night I thought my brain was dead!! I could barely
think and I knew I had the most severe case of Herxheimers (i.e. brain
fog) I had ever had. But I wasn't sure if it was Herxheimers or my brain
was literally dead. And that is why Herxheimers is so scary, you
literally don't know if your brain is alive.

But fortunately, my brain was still alive. What was going on is that
massive amounts of microbes were killed in my head and massive amounts of
acidic mycotoxins were blocking my brain from internally communicating
with their radio signals.

I went back to sleep (I don't remember if I drank any water, but I should
have if I didn't) and when I woke up in the morning I was basically fine.

My point is that even though I thought I was using a low enough dose, I
was wrong!! My "build-up" wasn't calculated properly.

How To Prevent Herxheimers

Let us suppose that the printed or published daily dose of a product that
kills microbes is one ounce. In other words, at one ounce this product is
very powerful at killing microbes according to the vendor.

What dose should you take your first day of using this product?? Certain

NOT one ounce!!!

On day one you should use 1/5th of an ounce.

On day two you should use 2/5th of an ounce.

On day three you should use 3/5th of an ounce.

On day four you should use 4/5th of an ounce.

On day five, and thereafter, you can use one ounce a day.

What I just describe is called a "five-day buildup" or "five-day build-
up" because the dose is gradually increased over a 5 day period before
you got to the full dose of the product.

For some products you may want to use more than 5 days to build-up, but
usually a five-day buildup is enough.

With electromedicine you generally control the power of the device with a
dial. You can measure where 1/5th of the power of the device is on the
dial. And then build-up by moving the dial a little bit every day.

Here is the point of this article:


For experimental products, which you know nothing about, I would use a
10-day buildup based on the calculated daily dose.

Remember, I have seen cancer patients who stopped their cancer treatment
because of Herxheimers.

A Special Warning About Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease can create unbelievable amounts of Herxheimers!! It is best
when treating Lyme Disease to use a TWENTY day buildup, especially if you
are using electromedicine. It is hard to predict how many spirochetes
will be killed with a new electromedicine protocol.

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