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About Alternative Cancer Treatments

The treatments of orthodox medicine do kill some cancer cells and may or may not shrink tumors, but they always damage the ability of the person to digest foods and they damage the immune system. And above all, orthodox medicine cannot kill all the cancer cells without killing the patient first. Thus, the patient is left with many, many cancer cells and a weakened and damaged immune system!!

Orthodox cancer treatments cannot be a "cure" for cancer because the balance between the immune system and the number of cancer cells has not been restored. This is why people who are lucky enough to survive their cancer with orthodox treatments are generally on chemotherapy for life. The chemotherapy takes the place of the damaged immune system. This is about as logical as replacing a person's heart with a sump pump.

Because well over 99% of all cancer patients begin their cancer treatment with orthodox medicine, they are generally in very critical condition even before they switch to natural medicine and can begin their alternative cancer treatment.

These patients are very, very difficult to cure, but the experts who work with these patients, either at a clinic or by telephone, typically have about a 50% cure rate on these patients!!

A Hypothetical Case Study

So let us take a hypothetical cancer case to analyze. Suppose a cancer patient has had a large number of chemotherapy sessions, several radiation sessions and has had extensive surgery.

Suppose this person is sent home to die by orthodox medicine and a relative of his talks the person into looking at alternative cancer treatments.

Suppose this person goes to a German alternative cancer clinic and has virtually all of their cancer cells safely killed within a few weeks.

Here is the question: Has this person been "cured" of cancer? Think about the answer to this question, keeping in mind what I have already said, before reading on.

To answer this question we have to ask another question: Has this person's balance between the immune system and the number of cancer cells been restored?

In a sense the answer is "yes" and in a sense the answer is "no."

Yes, the balance has been restored in the sense that there are no cancer cells. But this balance is because the person has no cancer cells due to the German clinic and no immune system (or at least a very damaged immune system) due to their orthodox treatments. That's not a very good balance because everyone gets new cancer cells all the time!!

It is impossible to restore a very damaged immune system (I include the lining of the stomach and the lining of the colon as part of the immune system because they are what extract nutrients from foods) within a few weeks or even a few months and in many cases the immune system cannot be restored within 2 or 3 years!!

In other words, the balance has been temporarily restored, but when this person gets new cancer cells, as all people do, there will not be an immune system which can safely kill the newly forming cancer cells. If nothing else is done, the cancer will return.

This is one reason that alternative cancer treatment clinics, when they send someone home, give them alternative cancer treatments to use at home. (Note: The best of the alternative cancer treatments on this website are generally far, far better than the treatments the clinics recommend to their patients!!!)

Thus, while the clinic treatment has provided a superb start to a treatment; it should only be considered the beginning of the treatment because the immune system balance with new cancer cells has not been restored for the long run.

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