Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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Why Work With an Expert

Can a cancer patient who has been sent home to die by orthodox medicine do enough homework on the Internet and in books to put together their own protocol from scratch in time to survive their cancer? Probably not. The key issue is that among the 400 plus alternative cancer treatments, finding the 15 or 20 treatments which are strong enough to give this patient a chance of survival is not likely to happen.

But even finding the right protocols is only part of the solution. The immune system must be rebuilt, the cancer cells must be safely killed (or reverted into healthy cells), the damage to non-cancerous cells by orthodox treatments must be reversed, the organs must be protected from detoxification during treatment, etc.

Few people even know there is a difference between the potency of different alternative cancer treatments on newly diagnosed cancer patients and fewer still know there is a much bigger difference in the potency of different alternative cancer treatments on advanced cancer patients!!

It is also critical to understand that when a cancer patient starts their treatment with orthodox medicine, by the time they start using alternative cancer treatments they have lost a great deal of time needed for treatment plus their body has been severely damaged by orthodox cancer treatments (as mentioned above) and their body has been damaged by their cancer.

The longer a cancer patient is on orthodox cancer treatments, plus the longer it takes them to find superb alternative cancer treatments; before they switch to highly potent alternative cancer treatments; the lower their chance of survival. Time is a huge factor.

This is why it is critical to find the experts quickly and get started quickly. Those people who are the experts have all spent more than eight years researching alternative cancer treatments or they were personally trained by someone with more than eight years of experience.

While there are hundreds of alternative cancer treatments, it takes an expert, and the right alternative cancer treatments, to give an advanced cancer patient real hope for survival.

The cure rate on advanced cancer patients, who have already had extensive orthodox treatments, is about 50% and only the best experts (such as those in clinics or the best of the telephone support consultants) can achieve that kind of cure rate. Curing these kinds of patients is literally a race against time. It is necessary to "get it right" the first time and then go on a long term treatment to restore the immune system, repair the damage to the colon and stomach and safely kill newly forming cancer cells.

A Very Key Point

Just because someone says they know how to cure cancer does not mean they have a clue what they are doing. Some people know what they are doing, other people are good people who mean well but don't know what they are doing and other people are just seeking high profits.

Thus, a cancer patient not only has to overcome the massively huge hurdle of the false claims of orthodox medicine, they also must wind their way through the false claims of many people in alternative medicine, much of it unintentional.

That is why this website exists and why it doesn't sell any health products or any health treatments.

In fact, I know many of the people in alternative medicine who know how to cure cancer and can achieve the 50% benchmark on advanced cancer patients. But there are many others, who do know what they are talking about, that I do not know.

However, even though I may not know them personally, I do know what they claim to use as cancer treatments. And I do understand cancer treatments enough that I know what works and what doesn't work.

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