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About Alternative Cancer Treatments

Alternative cancer treatments include four main categories of natural
products. First, treatments which use natural foods (e.g. carrot juice
and Aloe Arborescens), supplements which contain many natural substances
(e.g. Cellect and LifeOne), treatments which use natural molecules (e.g.
cesium chloride and calcium) and electromedicine treatments (e.g. the

Rife Machine and Bob Beck Protocol).

There are, in fact, hundreds of alternative cancer treatments. These
treatments usually can be combined with each other to increase their

There is also the "cancer diet," meaning the things a cancer patient
should and should not eat. Some "cancer diets" are so potent they are
highly effective cancer treatments by themselves. Every cancer patient
needs to be aware that many foods feed cancer cells, other foods
encourage cancer cells to proliferate quickly and other foods virtually
destroy the energy of almost all cells.

An "alternative cancer treatment" will include substances to:
1) Either kill cancer cells or revert them into normal cells,
2) Rebuild the immune system (which was damaged by chemotherapy),
3) Protect and energize the non-cancerous cells,
4) Deal with pain and suffering,
5) Deal with the loss of energy of cancer patients (i.e. cachexia),
6) Deal with their inability to digest foods caused by chemotherapy
damaging the stomach lining,
7) and so on.

In fact, there are many issues an alternative cancer treatment may have
to deal with. Some issues are rarely considered, such as the effect of
dental infections on some kinds of cancer, especially breast cancer.

Another issue which few people understand is the role of microbes in the
spreading of certain kinds of cancers.

Let us look at the big picture of cancer.

Why Do People Get Cancer?

In its most simplistic sense; cancer is caused by an imbalance between
the strength of the immune system and the number of cancer cells in a
person's body.

In other words, every person on earth gets new cancer cells all the time.

But for most people, this is not an issue because their immune system
easily and safely kills these new cancer cells. Mother Nature has
designed our bodies to continually and safely kill newly forming cancer

However, when the immune system becomes weak, or when the number of
cancer cells grows out of control, the number of cancer cells overpowers
the immune system and the person is eventually diagnosed with cancer.

The logical way to solve this problem is to use natural products to build
the immune system, and natural products to safely target and kill the
cancer cells (e.g. laetrile, which is found in apricot kernels).

The immune system is rebuilt and the cancer cells are safely destroyed,
thus the balance is restored and the person is cured of their cancer.
Simple, isn't it?

But that is not the approach of orthodox medicine. The approach of
orthodox medicine severely damages the immune system with chemotherapy,
radiation and surgery; kills many healthy cells because their protocols
do not target cancer cells; and kills some of the cancer cells, but
certainly not all of the cancer cells.

For example, the treatments of orthodox medicine kill fast-growing cells.
The problem is that the immune system has many fast-growing cells. The
stomach lining also has some fast-growing cells and the colon has some
fast-growing cells. All three of these systems are necessary to fight
cancer. But these systems are severely damaged by orthodox cancer

Plus, not all cancer cells are fast-growing cells, so these cancer cells
may not be killed.

The end result is that the balance between the immune system and the
number of cancer cells has gotten worse because the immune system has
been damaged and there are still many cancer cells left in the body!!

Let it be - Ray Charles

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God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.
Larry Nelson


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