Monday, March 4, 2013

Are Alternative Cancer Treatments For Real?

 by R. Webster Kehr
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.


If I were to ask any person on Earth if God is smarter than
pharmaceutical chemists they would say: "Of course." But if I were to
then say that God knows how to cure cancer better than pharmaceutical
chemists, they would look at me as if I had just escaped from a mental

Why do people think that God is smarter than pharmaceutical chemists and
then turn right around and think that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery
are more effective against cancer than anything God has put into Mother


Well, to be honest, in 2002 I was totally confused as to which type of
cancer treatment was more effective. I would visit some websites, such as
QuackWatch, the American Cancer Society, the BC Cancer Agency, etc. which
would call alternative cancer treatments "unproven" or "quackery."

On the other hand, I would visit other websites which had testimonials of
people who were cured of their cancer by drinking carrot juice or purple
grape juice or they used some other natural treatment.

It wasn't until I started reading a book written by a medical doctor, Dr.
Philip Binzel, that I finally put the pieces together and realized what
was going on.

Dr. Binzel was using a natural substance (an "alternative cancer
treatment") called "laetrile" in his clinic. Laetrile normally is
extracted from apricot seeds. He used a liquid version of laetrile on his
patients and he had about an 80% cure rate. The liquid version of
laetrile he used came from Mexico.

But what was most interesting to me, in Dr. Binzel's book, is what the
Food and Drug Administration was trying to do about the import of liquid
laetrile. Dr. Binzel was called as an expert witness at a trial in which
the FDA was trying to get permission by the court to block the importing
of laetrile into the United States!!

Why would the Food and Drug administration try to block the import of a
cancer treatment which was totally natural and had an 80% cure rate when
used as an I.V.!!?? That is a far higher cure rate than the 3% cure rate
of orthodox medicine.

It was at this moment, while reading the book, that I realized what was
going on. The FDA was trying to block the import of laetrile NOT because
laetrile was ineffective, but precisely BECAUSE laetrile was effective!!

It was obvious to me that the FDA represented what was best for "Big
Business," not what was best for the general public!! In other words, the
FDA was at that trial to persecute alternative medicine because
alternative medicine was starting to cut into the profits of the
pharmaceutical industry, the medical cartel, and so forth.

I had seen this behavior of a government agency before with regards to
the Department of Energy.

I have learned that some government agencies exist primarily to protect
the profits of favored and wealthy corporate interests. On the surface
these government agencies pretend to be there to protect the general
public, but in fact they are there to protect the profits of very wealthy

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