Sunday, March 3, 2013

        Herxheimers and Natural Medicine

 Note:This is a very important article for anyone beginning a treatment
that kills microbes, such as an electromedicine treatment.

What is Herxheimers?

Herxheimers is essentially another name for "brain fog." Herxheimers is
caused by killing massive numbers of microbes in the body in a short
period of time. Killing massive numbers of microbes creates acids that
block the brain from fully functioning thereby causing "brain fog."

Herxheimers is not dangerous at all, but it can scare people to the point
that they stop their natural medicine treatment. In fact, I know of two
cases where cancer patients stopped their electromedicine treatment for
cancer because of Herxheimers, even though they were not harmed in any

Many natural medicine products can cause Herxheimers. This includes
colloidal silver, chlorine dioxide, LIPH, MSM, DMSO, just about any type
of electromedicine, and so on.

Because there are so many diseases caused by microbes, such as cancer
(see the "What Causes Cancer" article), AIDS, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B,
Hepatitis C, and so on; and because there are so many products that kill
microbes, the subject of Herxheimers needs its own article.

To understand Herxheimers we first must talk a little about the brain.
Many people do not know this, but one of the key ways that the brain
communicates internally is with what could be called "radio signals."

People may not think these radio signals are important, but the mere fact
that Herxheimers exists is an absolute proof as to the importance of the
radio signals in the brain!!!

These radio signals can be blocked by acids in the bloodstream. Most of
these acids come from mycotoxins, which every microbe has inside of them.

In fact, when a microbe is killed, it releases mycotoxins.
When many, many microbes in the bloodstream are killed in a short period
of time they release a lot of mycotoxins into the bloodstream.

Because these mycotoxins are highly acidic, they can block the radio
signals in the brain causing what is commonly called: brain fog.

It is easy to avoid Herxheimers, which is what this article is about.
But the important thing to understand is that every cancer patient needs
to study this article because many of the products they use, which kill
microbes, do not come with instructions of how to safely use them to
avoid Herxheimers.

The simple solution is to use a "build-up" every time you start using a
product that kills microbes. This will be discussed below.


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