Thursday, February 14, 2013

    "The War In Medicine"

   Continued from previous post.

   The FDA Versus Freedom of Speech

As if this were not enough, Big Brother wants to ban labels on nutritional products
that notify people of published scientific experiments, the knowledge of which may
save their life!

In other words, allow a label on a product that kills you, but ban a label on a product
that may save your life. Sounds like profitable logic of the FDA.

That is what government corruption does. And it is this corruption
that is the target of the first amendment.

    "The Court indicated in its decision that it is poised to allow disclaimers as a way
of notifying consumers that not everyone in the scientific community agrees that,
for example, antioxidant vitamins reduce the risk of cancer."    ibid - LEF

While the court's decision is a small leap forward, the FDA is not about to give up
so easily. They are not about to allow disclaimers on labels for natural products
that allow the companies to tell the whole truth on that same label. After all, the
FDA has an important mission to perform for Congress and Big Pharma - crush
the truth.

On September 1, 2003, new rules went into affect regarding the labeling of
nutritional supplements. I don't have enough information yet about how these rules
will be implemented, so I do not have a specific comment. Based on what I have
seen so far, I am not encouraged. It appears that a tobacco-type disclaimer will be
required for most nutritional supplements.

In any case, I can say this, the FDA should be totally disbanded. It should be
eliminated  and replaced with a new organization where alternative medicine
experts should have a huge and required voice and vote in the new organization.

The new organization should be designed specifically to make sure the news
media presents both sides of all health issues. The media should be forced to
give equal time to actual alternative medicine experts.

Every time a medical doctor appears on television, an herbalist or natural medicine
practitioner should also appear, even if it is an advertisement. People should know
their natural medicine options.

Furthermore, chemotherapy drugs, before they are approved, should be proven to
extend life (not based on 5 years, but 10 or more years), compared to both refusal
of treatment and alternative treatments, before they are approved. Shrinking tumors,
comparing one toxic drug to another, etc. should be eliminated as a criteria for


Ray Stevens - Grandpa Voted Democrat

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