Friday, February 15, 2013

    "The War In Medicine"

   Continued from previous post.

   The FDA Versus Freedom of Speech

There is an old saying in the Bible, Matthew 9:17:

    "Neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles
break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they
put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved."

The corruption in the FDA cannot be fixed. It is impossible to
put a bicycle tire rubber patch on a 50 foot wide hole in the
bottom of a ship. The FDA must be eliminated. The top 500
executives in the FDA should not be allowed to even apply for a
job in the new organization without substantive proof that they
have had a long track-record of supporting alternative medicine

Another Application of Freedom of Speech

Let us suppose there are two people, Mike and Alan. Mike goes to
medical school and gets his M.D. Alan, on the other hand, after
graduating from college, takes many additional classes on nutrition
and herbal medicine. All in all, let us suppose that both of them
read an equal number of books and spend an equal amount of time

Rather than look at the degrees each holds, let us look at the books
each has read. The medical community (i.e. AMA) has been given the
legal authority to determine who can "practice medicine." Thus,
because Mike read the "medical books," he can "practice medicine."
Likewise, because Alan read the "health books," he is not legally
allowed to "practice medicine."

Thus, the medical establishment is essentially saying that the
ability to "practice medicine" is based on what you read (and what
your teacher tells you, which is the same thing). A person who
reads the wrong set of books is not allowed to "practice medicine."

Remembering that "freedom of speech" is really "freedom of
viewpoint," hose with a viewpoint of orthodox medicine can "practice
medicine" and those with a viewpoint of alternative medicine cannot
"practice medicine." Thus, the government, once again, has taken sides
and crushed the opposition.

As a better solution, the government should force "medical" schools
to teach alternative medicine along with orthodox medicine, and then
let the doctors and/or patients decide when to use each type of
medicine. But the reality is that neither the doctor, nor the patient, has
any valid information on which to make an informed decision.

And, quite frankly, based on what I have heard from cancer patients
(and what I have heard about medical students who dropped out of
medical school) most medical doctors would choose orthodox medicine
(because of its profits) over alternative medicine even if they knew
alternative medicine was more effective, safer, etc.

The government should allow non-medical doctors, who have substantial
training, to practice medicine, even if they have a differing
viewpoint. Again, the patients should be fully informed of both
kinds of medicine so they can make their own decision. Of course
orthodox medicine knows that anyone with an IQ above that of a
horse, who was fully informed, would choose alternative cancer
treatments when first diagnosed. That is not acceptable to those who
 profit from Big Pharma's bottomless money chest.


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