Monday, February 11, 2013

    "The War In Medicine"

   Continued from previous post.

   The FDA Versus Freedom of Speech

In other words, "significant scientific agreement" is basically
saying "majority rule" (i.e. the "majority opinion") favors the
pharmaceutical industry because more people have sold out to the
pharmaceutical industry than have not!!!

Thus, the FDA was trying to make sure that those who have sold
out to Big Pharma will always win court cases over those who do
actual scientific research.

Much of the "significant scientific agreement" occurs because the
pharmaceutical industry contols the medical journals.

Thus, "significant scientific agreement" is the same thing as
saying "whichever side has the most people who have sold-out."

"Everyone agrees" (i.e. the "majority of scientists agree")
with the ridiculous and bogus studies that compare one toxic
chemotherapy drug to another toxic chemotherapy drug. "Everyone
agrees" with the unproven (in fact disproven) theory that shrinking
a tumor leads to the increase in life span of cancer patients.
"Everyone agrees" that chemotherapy does more good than harm
(which, of course, is a lie).

"Truth" becomes irrelevant in court and is replaced by "majority
rule" which is in fact the same thing as saying: "which side has
the most members." But the side with the most members will
be the side with the most money.

Thus, the phrase "significant scientific agreement" essentially
says "only the side with the most money (and thus the most members)
has opinions that matter." That of course means the pharmaceutical
industry because the laws have been designed to allow them to patent
their drugs.


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