Thursday, February 14, 2013

    "The War In Medicine"

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   The FDA Versus Freedom of Speech

At the end of the day, the key point is this: "who is assumed to be the authority?"
Once you pick your "authority" you restrict the information that is allowed in
court to be what the "authority" says. While a court claims that their decision is
based on "information," the "information" that is allowed in court is based on
who has the most "authority." And who has the most "authority" is based
on who has the most money, whether the money is controlling things at the
court level or the government level.

Congress and most courts are controlled by money, sometimes directly by
bribes, sometimes indirectly by bribes and sometimes by the lure of more

But never is there an unbiased quest for truth and justice and what is best
for patients. It is never about the patients, it is about the money.

The New Rules For Labels

Is it wrong for the government to make an honest determination and then
 crush all competing arguments? While this might seem like a good thing,
it is a paradox. Government is never honest, and never will be, but is
corrupt and their decisions are always based on money, power and profit,
and never on what is best for the public. For this reason, it is the intent of
 the constitution to limit the authority of a corrupt government (the terms
"corrupt" and "government" are redundant). An honest government needs
no such restraints, but such a government cannot exist because the wealthy
control the information, directly and indirectly, that the general public hears.

    "When you get into politics, you find that all your worst nightmares about
it turn out to be true, and the people who are attracted to large concentrations
of power are precisely the ones who should be kept as far away from it as
    Ken Livingstone, Member of Parliament

When our Constitution was being debated, government was honest and many
people did not see the need for the Bill of Rights. Fortunately, Thomas
Jefferson and others persuaded the majority that the government would not
always be honest, and that the Bill of Rights was necessary.

As a good example of how "honest" our government is (and how much they
really care about our health), consider the tobacco industry, a long-time
financial friend of Congress. Several hundred thousand American's a year
die because of tobacco products. Yet they are legal. These products have
not been banned even though it has been known since the 1930s that they
caused lung cancer and other fatal diseases.

Their products only require a warning label put on them (which was
probably requested by the tobacco industry to avoid lawsuits). The
tobacco industry is also allowed to add chemicals to the tobacco
to make their products even more addictive.


Ray Stevens - We The People (Live)

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