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    "The War In Medicine"

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   The FDA Versus Freedom of Speech

The Court Case Dealing With "Significant Scientific Agreement"

The key court case in dealing with the concept of "significant
scientific agreement" is the case of Pearson vs. Shalala (Pearson
v. Shalala, 164 F.3d 650 (D.C. Cir. 1999), reh'g, en banc, denied,
172 F.3d 72 (D.C. Cir. 1999)). Actually is was the Life Extension
Foundation (LEF) vs. the FDA, but legally it is known as Pearson
vs. Shalala.

I quote from the LEF (Life Extension Foundation) website:

    "Our challenge began when the government refused to allow
claims we wished to make on dietary supplements, including such
things as "Antioxidant vitamins may reduce the risk of certain
cancers" and "Omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of
cardiovascular disease".
These claims are backed up by scientific evidence, yet the
FDA nixed them based on something called "significant
scientific agreement". There may be scientific evidence, they
argued, but not everyone agrees. This so-called "significant
scientific agreement" rule was purely a creation of the FDA,
yet the agency could not, or would not, define it. What it
boiled down to is the agency had created for itself a stone
wall it could throw up at will. Drug companies could claim
that their products prevented X based on scientific evidence,
but supplement manufacturers could not. We wanted to knock
down this wall so that people could have access to information about
vitamins and other supplements."

First, let's talk about the phrase: "There may be scientific
evidence, they argued, but not everyone agrees." Have you ever
heard such a ridiculous statement? Yes, I know that virtually
all pharmaceutical research on cancer drugs is totally bogus.
But yet it seems that "everyone agrees" with their bogus studies
because their "research" leads to highly profitable treatments.

The term "significant scientific agreement" therefore crushes
the valid research of anyone not controlled by the pharmaceutical
cartel because most "scientists" have sold out to the
pharmaceutical cartel and their "opinions" take precedence over
real scientific studies.


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