Tuesday, February 12, 2013

    "The War In Medicine"

   Continued from previous post.

   The FDA Versus Freedom of Speech

The Freedom of Speech Issue

In essence, this is where "Freedom of Speech" enters the picture.
Without freedom of speech Big Brother presents its side of all
issues to the public and suppresses any conflicting opinions. Of
course, the media does that for them because the media is also
controlled by Big Pharma.

"Free Speech" means that everyone gets to express their opinion.
But what "free speech" should really mean is that all people
should hear both sides of the issue from both sides of the fence.

"Free speech" should not be about who can talk as much as about
who can hear!!!

If a person's opinions differ from those in the government,
no one is allowed to hear their opinion.

The concept of "free speech" was specifically designed to allow
those who disagree with government to speak without being
persecuted !! But this concept was developed before the media
took total control over what people hear!!

Our founding fathers remembered what happened to their ancestors
before they came to America but they did not anticipate modern
media which would soon control what people hear.

But of course, the FDA thinks that the Constitution does not
apply to them because they are trying to crush the opinions of
those people who think God did not flunk His chemistry courses.
And, of course, when Big Brother crushes free speech it is
supposedly in the "best interests" of the nation. Exactly who
is supposed to decide what is in the "best interests" of the
nation? Our founding fathers specifically did not think that big
government should be the organization to decide what is in the
"best interests" of the people!!

The "government" is made up of people who worship power, who
worship money, who worship being able to do things without
getting caught, who quickly sell out to the highest bidder,
and so on. These are exactly the people who should not be making
decisions based on the "best interests" of the nation.

Of course, the real reason all tyrants like the FDA crush free
speech is because it is a threat to their tyranny. The FDA
crushes free speech (i.e. the alternative viewpoint) because it
is a threat to the profits of Big Pharma, and more importantly,
a threat to the external retirement benefits of FDA executives
and a threat to the benefits the pharmaceutical industry provides
the members of Congress.

Thus, it is in the best interests of the FDA to continue to pretend
they care about human life, to continue to suppress the truth about
alternative treatments, and above all, to continue to hide behind
the corrupt skirts of the orthodox medical community.

Righteous Brothers - Little Latin Lupe Lu (Shindig! 1964)

Cancer can be cured.

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