Saturday, February 16, 2013

    "The War In Medicine"

   Continued from previous post.

   The FDA Versus Freedom of Speech

In any case, Congress has, at the same time, consistently
forbidden Americans from having the choice of letting their
medical doctor work with them using alternative treatments.
As if that weren't bad enough, the restriction is still in
force even after orthodox treatments have totally failed
and the patient has been sent home to die!

To say this another way, Congress has consistently forbidden
Americans to be treated for cancer by herbalists, nutritionists,
etc., even after being sent home to die by orthodox medicine.

Thus we come to the following conclusion:

1) Congress allows you to choose which tobacco product you
will use to slowly and painfully kill yourself, 2) If you get
cancer, Congress forces you to take chemotherapy, which slowly
and painfully kills you, 3) If you get cancer, Congress does not
allow you to have your medical doctor treat you with alternative
medicine, which is painless, builds your immune system and
selectively kills cancer cells, 4) If you get cancer, Congress does
not allow you to go to a non-medical doctor for medical treatments
for cancer, even though it may save your life,
5) To make things even more absurd, even if you have been given
up for dead by the medical community, you still do not have the
legal choice to have your M.D. treat you with alternative medicine
or go to a non-M.D. to be treated.
6) Congress has allowed the FDA, NIH and NCI to crush all valid
statistical information about alternative treatments,
7) etc. etc. etc.

(Note: health insurance companies, which are regulated by the states,
use pretty much the same list.)

You might conclude from this that Congress wants you to die. Or you
might think that Congressmen are stupid. Actually they are stupid (or
should I say "fools"), and they don't care if you live or die. The list above
shows a clear pattern - Congress makes decisions based on what is best
for large corporations (i.e. their major contributers). The job of Congress
is to protect the profits of large corporations. Why would they do that?

Now, let's be logical, who gets most of the profits of large corporations?
Stockholders. Thus, Congress is protecting stockholders. But who are the
stockholders? Usually very rich people and families control the Boards of
Directors of large corporations, directly and indirectly. They also control
Congress both directly and indirectly. Congress can best be thought of as
puppets. The puppeteer is big business and old and new money, but mostly
old money.
    "...the world is governed by very different personages to what is imagined
by those who are not themselves behind the scenes."
    Benjamin Disraeli (1801-1884) Prime Minister of Britain


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