Sunday, February 17, 2013

"The War In Medicine"

Who do you believe? Follow The Money Trail

When I was first researching cancer, I ran into both kinds of
web sites, the sites controlled by orthodox medicine and the
sites controlled by alternative medicine. The quackwatch page
(one of the orthodox sites) caused me to wonder whether all
of this alternative medicine stuff was a bunch of baloney.
Even though I am an expert at Machiavellian tactics and logic,
I didn't know enough about the bogus scientific studies they
were referring to to figure out what was going on.

Then I came across the book Alive and Well, by Dr. Binzel. After
reading the first two chapters of this book the picture became
very clear. I had seen this same pattern before when dealing with
physics and energy (although different government agencies were
 involved). I saw how the Department of Energy was suppressing
discovery after discovery which would lead to very cheap energy
costs (especially gasoline costs). In the same way, the effort to
fight alternative treatments for cancer is intentional, well organized,
well funded and includes U.S. government agencies (e.g. FDA,

Most people in America would never consider taking alternative
treatments for cancer. This is because the orthodox medical
establishment has total control over everything a typical person
hears in their life. Unless a person is an expert at internet
research (and quite frankly that wouldn't do any good unless they
knew what to look for), or they happened to run into someone who
knows what is going on (and if they did they would probably
consider them to be whack-o because they have been so efficiently
brainwashed), they will never know the truth about anything.

I should mention how the establishment crushed the Linus Pauling
heart disease prevention program. They didn't say anything about
it in the media, good or bad (i.e. they blacklisted it), and eventually
the truth simply died out. That was all it took. There are many
"blacklisted" organizations and truths that are forbidden to be uttered
by the media.

There is no "freedom of speech" in America because only one "side"
is allowed to speak on television or radio because they own the
stations. The Constitution was written before radio and television
were invented so no provision was made in the Constitution to force
the mass media to present both side of the issues.

As a second example of blacklisting, when was the last time you
heard a member of the "John Birch Society" talk for five minutes
or more on the television (both Binzel and G. Edward Griffin belong
or belonged to the JBS, and others)? Most people under 40 have
never heard of the John Birch Society. I mention these things
because these are just two of many examples of how potent black-
listing is, and more importantly, how overwhelming what you know
is controlled totally by large, corrupt corporations that advertise.
The owners of virtually all television stations, large and small,
are also large corporations.

I should mention that General Electric, which owns NBC,
manufactures medical equipment. GE Medical Systems
manufactures very expensive equipment used by both cancer
doctors and heart disease doctors:

    "In addition to its industrial holdings, General Electric owns
NBC which controls the following assets:

    9 television stations including ones in New York, Los Angeles
and Washington DC
    25% of more of the following cable channels: CNBC, CourtTV,
Bravo, MSNBC, A&E, the History Channel
    Plus these key news programs:
    The Today Show
    Meet the Press
    Dateline NBC
    NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw"

Now do you understand why you have never hear anything positive
about alternative treatments for cancer or alternative heart disease
prevention programs?

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