Thursday, February 21, 2013

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The Big Picture

 The Future of Cancer Treatments Is Already Here!! 

 All cancer patients should study this article carefully. It is the main article which discusses very critical issues needed for surviving cancer!! This article should be read every month at least once, from top to bottom!! If this is your first time reading this article, you should read it twice on consecutive days. Since 2002 I have communicated with many thousands of cancer patients or their representatives. In many cases, the emails I have received included a proposed treatment the cancer patient or their representative put together. In some cases their proposed treatment was a single treatment, such as carrot juice or laetrile (vitamin B17) or enzymes, etc.

 Here is why a person might pick a single treatment. Suppose they see a testimonial on the Internet which talks about a person who cured their newly diagnosed liver cancer with carrot juice. Is the testimonial truthful? Most likely it is truthful. But does this testimonial mean that carrot juice, by itself, will cure ALL cancer patients?! Many, many natural substances can cure slow-growing cancers which have not spread very much and the patient is newly diagnosed and the patient has never had any chemotherapy, radiation or major surgery. But such cancer patients are rare indeed. The typical cancer patient today, who seeks out natural medicine, has had extensive chemotherapy and radiation (and may still be using them) and has probably had some major surgery. Their cancer has already spread significantly, the cancer is spreading quickly, their immune system has been destroyed for several reasons, they have large amounts of lactic acid in their bloodstream (which is one of many things that can make a cancer patient weak), their liver and bloodstream are full of microbes, their digestive tract can barely extract nutrients from any food because of damage by chemotherapy, and so on. Advanced patients have "one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel" (as we say in the United States). Carrot juice, by itself, will not cure such patients!! Nor will laetrile or hydrogen peroxide, by itself.
Picking a single cancer treatment, any single treatment, is the most common mistake made by cancer patients who are new to alternative medicine!! They do not understand that the power and speed of the protocol must be greater than the power and speed of the cancer. I am going to say that again because it is so important: The power and speed of the protocol must be greater than the power and speed of the cancer!!! That is why a person must know, at the beginning of their treatment, what the "power and speed" of their protocol is!! Also, many alternative cancer treatments can be combined.

Much of this article is to explain why several alternative cancer treatments need to be combined to treat the cancer. They are combined either to be synergistic or to do different tasks. This website contains some very old articles, so the terms "treatment" and "protocol" are not consistently used. But I will tell you how they should be used. A "treatment" is a single treatment, such as laetrile or enzyme therapy or carrot juice, etc. A "protocol" is a combination of several "treatments." Why is a "protocol" needed? The reason is that an advanced cancer patient needs help in several different areas!! A "protocol" should be designed to deal with several different issues.
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