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    The Future of Cancer Treatments Is Already Here!!

The Big Picture

Furthermore, some of the individual treatments in the protocol should
have a reputation of curing cancer by itself!!

For example, someone once asked me if the Cellect-Budwig protocol had
ever cured cancer. I mentioned six treatments in the Cellect-Budwig
protocol, each of which had cured cancer by itself! Most of the protocols
on this website also contain several treatments, most of which have cured
cancer by themselves or they have some specific purpose for being in the

But there is more to it than that. For example, if someone has a fast-
spreading cancer they will need at least one highly alkaline protocol or
one potent oxygen protocol or both.

Before going on, let's talk about what causes cancer so we have an idea
of how to treat cancer.

What Causes Cancer?

Orthodox medicine would like you to believe that DNA damage causes
cancer. While cancer cells may have DNA damage, the DNA damage is
actually caused by the same thing that causes cancer. In other words, the
DNA damage is a parallel symptom of cancer.

If you do not understand how microbes cause cancer, see the "What Causes
Cancer" article (and then come back to this article). Here is the article:

What Causes Cancer

Note that if you kill all of the microbes inside the cancer cells the
cancer cells will revert into normal cells. If you make the microbes
lethargic, the cancer cells will not divide as quickly and the spreading
of the cancer will slow down, thus giving you more time to cure the

Important Notes About Alternative Cancer Treatments

Note #1: More details about these items, and other critical issues, are
discussed later in this article and in other articles.

Note #2: The term "electromedicine" in alternative medicine refers to
very, very gentle electrical devices. Generally, the patient cannot even
feel the device is turned on!! Do not confuse these devices with the
normally barbaric radiation therapy of orthodox medicine. However,
radiation therapy can be useful in some situations by shrinking dangerous
tumors and/or in stopping bleeding.

Note #3: Special treatments have been designed to quickly get the cancer
patient out of danger and thus "buy time" by keeping the cancer patient
alive in order to give more powerful treatments (which may start to
become effective very slowly) more time to work. Do not purchase an
expensive "buy time" device unless you have enough money left over to
purchase the main treatment. Most cancer patients need to budget their
money so they need to consider the cost of all items before they commit
to buying something very expensive.

Note #4: There are many natural medicine clinics around the world. Some
of them offer treatments that cannot be used at home. And, of course, the
best ones offer excellent advice. There are also consultants to help you
pick the right treatment and the right clinic. For example, Dr. Hayle
Aldren, MD, who is with the Ed Skilling Institute, does consultations to
help you pick the right treatment for your situation, whether at a clinic
or for a home treatment. More important information about Dr. Aldren will
be given later in this article after the reader has a little more
experience with understanding cancer.

Here is the article which lists some clinics and discusses many issues
related to natural medicine clinics around the world:

A Sample of Alternative Medicine Clinics

Note #5: I am fully aware that while some patients can easily afford (or
at least can obtain the funding) the best and strongest of the natural
cancer treatments, but most cannot afford the best treatments. There is a
financial product which allows terminal cancer patients to obtain the
funding for their natural cancer treatment. There are companies that
purchase life insurance policies (e.g. at 75% of face value) of terminal
cancer patients. This money can provide the funding to give the family
quality time with the patient (e.g. to travel together) and/or to buy
products or visit clinics that may save the patient's life. See this
How To Fund a Treatment Without Borrowing Any Money

Note #6: I am very aware of the reality that because of the medical
industrial complex, and for many other reasons (such as the country a
patient lives in), many cancer patients cannot afford even the basic
natural cancer treatments!!

I have written an article which summarizes many of the inexpensive cancer
treatments. For cancer patients inside and outside of the United States,
this article also has many ideas for things that can be immediately
purchased in your own country.

Even people who can afford the expensive protocols should study this
article because there are some outstanding and inexpensive protocols in
this article:
Inexpensive Cancer Treatments

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