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    The Future of Cancer Treatments Is Already Here!!

The Big Picture

The Objectives of an Alternative Cancer Treatment

Here are the main objectives in treating cancer with natural medicine.

Objective #1: "Buy Time" By Energizing Non-Cancerous Cells

There are specialized cancer treatments that work very quickly and "buy time" to keep the cancer patient alive in order to give other, more powerful treatments more time to work. This is the top priority in dealing with advanced cancer patients and generally involves energizing the non-cancerous cells with electromedicine and/or super-nutrients because the non-cancerous cells can be very, very weak. It also includes not eating foods that feed the cancer cells (e.g. dairy products, sugar, etc.).

Examples of "buying time" would include the Photon Genius (electromedicine), Quantum Pulse (electromedicine), Vibe liquid, the Budwig diet, etc.

The products that "buy time" can generally be used during the entire cancer treatment, but they are considered to be a "buy time" protocol because they start working very quickly to stabilize the patient. But they can also have great benefits throughout the treatment.

The Photon Genius is especially important because it both energizes cells and kills microbes in the liver, lymph and bloodstream. It also creates massive amounts of nitric oxide (which is very good for the patient).

In fact, a combination of the Photon Genius and the consultations offered by the Ed Skilling Institute is the best home cancer treatment on earth, by a wide margin!! It is even more effective if it is combined with an alkaline and nutrition protocol, such as the Cellect-Budwig protocol.

The Quantum Pulse, another electromedicine device, can also be purchased (about $19,000) but it is not as cost-effective as the Photon Genius, even though the Photon Genius costs about $25,000. This is because the Photon Genius does a lot more things than the Quantum Pulse. In other words, if you can afford a Quantum Pulse I recommend you buy the Photon Genius instead because it only costs a few thousand dollars more, but it provides far more benefits to cancer patients.

However, there are many Quantum Pulse machines in people's homes where anyone is welcome to use them for a very small fee. See this website for more information about Quantum Pulse sites:
The Quantum Pulse Website

Less expensive options to "buy time" include D-Ribose, Vitamin C, Vibe liquid (in the orange bottle), the Budwig diet, carrot juice, and many other dietary supplements which help "feed" the weak non-cancerous cells. Anything that floods the body with nutrients will help.

Objective #2: "Buy Time" By Slowing Down the Spreading of the Cancer

Stopping or slowing down the spreading of the cancer is critical. This is the second part of "buying time." This is usually done with alkaline protocols or an alkaline diet which makes the inside of the cancer cells alkaline and thus makes the cancer microbes lethargic or kills them. Examples would be Cellect, cesium chloride, calcium (e.g. coral calcium), barley, alkaline water, etc.

This is a very critical issue for advanced cancer patients!! More will said about this later in this article.

Also in this objective are alternative medicine clinics, which were discussed above. Alternative medicine clinics can be very effective at getting a cancer patient out of danger. If the patient can travel, clinics are certainly an option.

Objective #3: "Buy Time" By Dealing With Cachexia

Cachexia is a deadly cycle. Cancer cells create lactic acid. The lactic acid then travels to the liver (the bloodstream becomes full of lactic acid). Once in the liver the lactic acid is converted into glucose. Guess what, the glucose goes to the cancer cells and more lactic acid is made. Both ends of this cycle (the liver and the cancer cells) consume large amounts of energy, plus the lactic acid in the bloodstream makes a cancer patient weak, among other things!!

By one estimate, cachexia kills 40% of cancer patients. Chemotherapy does absolutely nothing to stop the lactic acid cycle.

Getting rid of the lactic acid in the bloodstream (lactic acid blocks non-cancerous cells from getting nutrients and energy) is generally done with MSM (methyl-sulfonal-methane). There are several MSM protocols on this website (see the "left side-bar," which is the column on links on the left side of this page and most other pages on this website).

Another option is to block the liver from creating glucose is hydrazine sulfate or hydrazine sulfate. This product requires expert support because it can be dangerous to use. Any compound chemist can make hydrazine sulfate but it is best to buy it in liquid form from Essense of Life (spelling is correct). The Syracuse Clinic in New York is where the expert support normally comes from.

Some things can get nutrients to the non-cancerous cells in spite of the lactic acid blockade. Examples would be Vitamin C (where it does not conflict with another treatment), D-Ribose, and perhaps other things.

D-Ribose, which is available at any health food store, and Vitamin C are very important because they can get past the lactic-acid blockade to get nutrients into the non-cancerous cells.

The "Super MSM" protocol (see the left side-bar) was designed specifically for cleaning lactic acid out of the blood and to revert many cancer cells into normal cells. By cleaning the blood of lactic acid, less of the lactic acid gets to the liver and thus the cachexia cycle is at least partially broken.

For those on the Cellect-Budwig treatment, or any other treatment that uses the Budwig diet, they should use the "MSM/CS" or the less expensive and more powerful "MSM/CD" or "MSM/LIPH" protocols (see the left side bar).

Why would someone use the "MSM/CS" protocol instead of the more potent and cheaper "MSM/CD" protocol? The chlorine dioxide in the MSM/CD is very hard on the stomach so it is too intense for some patients.

LIPH, a homeopathic product, has cured cancer by itself, so the MSM/LIPH protocol is gaining in respect. It is so inexpensive that it could and should be added to any other protocol!! See the left side-bar.

Note: the reader might wonder why building the immune system is not among the highest priorities. The reason is that building the immune system is a very, very slow process and it is impossible to build the immune system fast enough to help a cancer patient who has "one foot in the grave." Building the immune system is critical, but it is not a priority at first.


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