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 The Future of Cancer Treatments Is Already Here!!

The Big Picture

Many cancer patients who are not that advanced do not need the kind of horsepower that the Cellect-Budwig plus High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifer or the Cesium Chloride provide, especially if they are newly diagnosed patients, do not have a fast-spreading type of cancer, they have not had very much chemotherapy and radiation, and do not have a particularly dangerous type of cancer. Many alternative cancer treatments can do very well for cancer patients who have at least 6 months to live (if they did nothing).

As they say: "if it works keep doing it." But if it doesn't work you may need to add things to your protocol or switch to a more powerful protocol.

Alternative cancer treatments can be rated according to their "power" to deal with fast-spreading cancers, dangerous cancers or cancers that have already spread extensively.

As you might suspect, the Cellect-Budwig and the Cesium Chloride are the protocols to pick from for those with fast-spreading cancers or cancers that have already spread extensively!! The alkalinity of these two protocols, at the cellular level, quickly helps slow down the spreading of the cancer!!

WARNING WARNING: The Cellect-Budwig protocol and Cesium Chloride protocol CANNOT be combined. There is too much overlap in the way these protocols work to safely combine them!! Furthermore, one cannot be used after the other. For example, when you hit your "cesium limit" with Cesium Chloride, you should NOT start using the Cellect-Budwig. This is one example of alternative cancer treatments that cannot be combined with each other or even be used one after the other!! It is one or the other, but never both.

If a tumor is in a dangerous location, and needs to be shrunk quickly, the alkaline protocols are the best choice. In this case it is important to understand that the Cesium Chloride protocol can cause a tumor to swell temporarily or create temporary inflammation. Frequently this is not a problem, but in some cases it is critical to understand because the Cesium Chloride protocol may need to be started with only half-doses (the vendor can help you decide) if temporary inflammation could be a problem.

Also, for those who need to shrink tumors quickly, see the article on the left side-bar on shrinking tumors.

The Bob Beck Protocol, which is part of more than one of the "protocols," is considered a long-range cancer treatment. It can take 2 or 3 months for the Bob Beck Protocol to really kick-in and even longer to supercharge the immune system. That is why the Bob Beck Protocol is never considered a "primary" cancer treatment. Nevertheless, it is an absolutely critical treatment to make sure the cancer does not return, as the "Prevent Cancer From Coming Back" article explains in great detail (see the left side-bar).

Let me briefly mention oxygen treatments. Oxygen treatments have enormous potential for treating cancer. Unfortunately, the FDA also knows this and has shut down some of the most effective oxygen treatments, such as injecting ozone gas into a one-person sauna (where only the person's head is sticking out of the sauna enclosure).

Hydrogen peroxide, which is a very famous treatment, is not as powerful as people are led to believe, but it certainly can be a supplemental treatment to any of the protocols.

We, at the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, are looking into oxygen protocols, but for now the best recommendation we can give is called: H.B.O.T. or hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We recommend it for slowing down the spreading of cancer, but are not sure as to how effective it is as a treatment.

Let me again mention the FDA. Another thing the FDA has done, and uses when needed, is to block the import of superb cancer treatment products which are made, or come from, outside of the United States. I know of a Russian device that the FDA will only allow very limited numbers into the U.S. Because of this I am reluctant to mention, on a website, some devices made outside of the United States, that may be very effective against cancer.

The FDA (and in many cases state medical associations) has also shut down some of the best medical clinics, such as one that used DMSO combined with very low dose chemotherapy, which was mentioned above. DMSO will actually "bind" to some forms of chemo, allowing a highly potent cancer treatment which uses very low doses of chemotherapy (only very low doses are needed because the chemotherapy targets cancer cells because it is bound to DMSO!!!).

This is why I recommend that anyone using standard chemotherapy take MSM just prior to using chemotherapy (see the article: "If Still on Chemo or Radiation" linked to on the left side-bar).

 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.


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