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 The Future of Cancer Treatments Is Already Here!!

The Big Picture

Dr. Bob Beck, PhD, Leapfrogs Beauchamp!!

The problem with Beauchamp is that his theory will likely
not get rid of the microbes!!!! While the microbes are inert
and lethargic, they are still there!!

Why is this important?

Dr. Bob Beck, a PhD in physics, figured out that if you get
rid of all of the microbes in the body, all two pounds of them,
the immune system will be supercharged!!

This cannot be emphasized enough because when the immune system
is supercharged the immune system will easily take care of the

Thus, the Beauchamp protocol, while it is a good tactic, falls
far short of what happens when the microbes are totally eliminated
from the body as opposed to just making them lethargic!!!

So Bob Beck turns out to be a giant leap forward from Beauchamp
because with Beauchamp, the immune system is just as lethargic
as the microbes!!
The patient is alive, but they are not "healthy."

But we can take even another giant step forward.

Bob Beck Leapfrogs Royal Rife (Eventually)

The Bob Beck Protocol does not really get rid of all of the
microbes in the body, if the person has cancer. This is
because the Bob Beck protocol does not get rid of the microbes
which are inside the cancer cells.

Dr. Royal Rife figured out a way to get rid of the microbes
which are inside the cancer cells!!

You might note that the Plasma-Beck protocol uses the High RF
Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier to get rid of the
microbes inside the cancer cells and the Bob Beck protocol and
High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier to get rid
of the microbes outside of the cancer cells.

However, in a sense the Bob Beck Protocol does get rid of the
microbes inside the cancer cells because the immune system "eats"
the cancer cells, microbes and all, after the immune system is supercharged!!

So quite by accident, Bob Beck figured out a way to get rid of the microbes
 inside the cancer cells too!!

However, the Rife protocols work so much faster than the Beck
protocol, that the Rife protocol is generally used first. The
Beck protocol is more of a long-range super-protocol to supercharge
the immune system.

When thinking about priorities for advanced cancer patients, this
snippet will give you an idea of where the Bob Beck falls:

-------- (First, the super-fast working treatments) --------
1) Special electromedicine devices to energize cells (e.g. Quantum
Pulse, Photon Genius, etc.),
2) Alkalinity and/or oxygen to quickly slow down the spread of cancer
(e.g. Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride, etc.),
3) Super-nutrients to energize the cells and keep the patient alive
(e.g. Vibe Liquid, Juice Plus) and deal with cachexia/lactic acid
(e.g. Super MSM, D-Ribose)

-------- (Second, the medium-fast treatments) --------
4) Special cancer treatments that target cancer cells (e.g. MSM/CS,
Limu Juice, etc.),
5) Electromedicine devices from Royal Rife (e.g. High RF Frequency
Generator family),
6) Super-nutrients to kill cancer cells (e.g. Brandt Grape Cure,
Aloe Arborescens)

-------- (Third, the slow-starting, but long-range treatments to
prevent regression) --------
7) Nutrient protocols that build the immune system (e.g. Transfer
Factor Plus, IP6, RM-10, etc.),
8) Bob Beck devices which supercharge the immune system,
9) Hulda Clark Zappers (e.g. Croft "Terminator 2") to kill microbes
in the bloodstream and parasites in the stomach, etc.

Note that the fast-working protocols work on the cancer cells and
damage to non-cancerous cells. The medium-range protocols work on
the cancer cells and start the process of building the immune system.
The long-range protocols are microbe-oriented and immune system

This list is ordered based on how fast these treatments can help
advanced cancer patients!! Building the immune system is a slow
process so the three immune-building protocols are mentioned last.

The Royal Rife protocol (e.g. the High RF Frequency Generator with
plasma amplifier) is used long before the Bob Beck Protocol (e.g.
the Plasma-Beck and Ultimate Simple Protocol) both because it goes
directly after the cancer cells (whereas the Beck protocol only
builds the immune system) and thus it helps the cancer patient much

Also, if pain is an issue, both alkaline and electromedicine
protocols can deal with pain almost immediately.

The important thing to remember is that the quick protocols are
cancer-cell and energy focused. The long-term protocols are
microbe focused, meaning immune system focused.

See the "Prevent Cancer From Coming Back" article for what to
do after the cancer is under control and the patient is in

 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.


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