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 The Future of Cancer Treatments Is Already Here!!

The Big Picture

Implementing the Priorities

Treating cancer can be compared to fighting a fire. In many cases you don't need a fire truck, but in some cases one or more fire trucks are required!!

For those who are very advanced, and have only a short time to live, there are only two protocols that are strong enough and start working fast enough, to give these cancer patients real hope for survival:
The Cellect-Budwig Protocol or
The Cesium Chloride Protocol

These two protocols, the "super protocols," are in a league of their own when it comes to initial power and fast-starting. The reason is that both of these protocols quickly protect the non-cancerous cells plus create a highly alkaline environment inside the cancer cells (not in the bloodstream). This very quickly slows down the spreading of the cancer!! This fact has been known since the 1970s and probably before that.

For those who choose not to go on the Cellect-Budwig or the Cesium Chloride protocol, and if their protocol does not include a significant alkaline substance, and they are not on a powerful alkaline diet, they should use the Bill Henderson protocol or Barefoot Calcium protocol (see the left side-bar) to make sure they get a critical alkaline substance in their protocol.

For advanced cancer patients, it is the spreading of cancer that almost always kills them. It is generally not the cancer cells that kill a person, it is the damage done to "healthy" cells (because of the cancer cells) that kills them. That is why the first priority in treating advanced cancer patients is to protect the non-cancerous cells with super-nutrients and stop the spreading of the cancer with alkalinity or oxygen!!

Another very, very important concept has already been referred to: filling in the gaps in some of the protocols. For example, the Cellect-Budwig is a superb alkaline protocol, but this author always recommends adding Limu Juice and the MSM/CS protocol in order to fill in a key gap in the Cellect-Budwig. That "gap" is to go right after the cancer cells directly rather than waiting for the treatment to set up an alkaline environment.

As another example, the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifer electromedicine device, which will be discussed in a moment, is not one of the fastest-starting treatments. While it is a stand-alone treatment for cancer, and it does start working very quickly, it cannot match the ability of alkalinity to slow down the spreading of cancer. In fact, it is not even close.

The reason the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifer is part of the Cellect-Budwig protocol is that they are very complementary or synergistic treatments, meaning the two treatments combined are far better than either protocol by itself!! The Cellect-Budwig starts working very fast, but the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifer does some things far better than the Cellect-Budwig.

You use the Cellect-Budwig to quickly slow down the spreading of the cancer plus you use the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifer, Limu Juice and/or some other treatment, to directly attack the cancer cells or revert the cancer cells into normal cells.

Using the very inexpensive Bill Henderson protocol as another example (Bill supports those on his protocol), the barley is the main alkaline substance, but the complete protocol includes immune builders and several non-alkaline treatments.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, cesium chloride cannot be used with some electromedicine protocols because most electromedicine protocols will neutralize the way cesium chloride works. But there is at least one electromedicine device that can be used with cesium chloride, which the vendor of cesium chloride can sell, but it is not part of the actual protocol.

 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.


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