Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

How To Prevent Your Cancer From Coming Back

All of the types of microbes in the bloodstream also suppress the immune


Lactic acid is made in the cancer cells, but "lives" in the bloodstream.
It finds itself in the liver and the liver uses an enormous amount of
energy converting this lactic acid into glucose. This lactic acid can
kill cancer patients because of the energy used in the liver and cancer
cells. This lactic acid cycle (the cachexia cycle) must be dealt with. It
is almost never dealt with in alternative medicine.

There are three ways to deal with the lactic acid cycle:

1) Block the liver from converting lactic acid into glucose. This is done
with hydrazine sulphate. But H.S. is rarely used because there are many
safety rules for its safe use.

2) Block the cancer cells from converting glucose into lactic acid. The
only way to do this is to kill the cancer cells or revert them into
normal cells. But to fully do this requires a lot of time.

3) Sweep the lactic acid out of the bloodstream. This prevents the lactic
acid from reaching the liver. This is the tactic of this article by using
the "Super MSM" protocol.

The treatments on this page will teach a cancer patient, whether they
have used a clinic treatment or a home treatment in Phase One, how to
avoid ever having their cancer come back by eliminating all cancer cells
in the body (e.g. a cancer cells score of '0') and eliminating all
microbes in the body (e.g. which is a key to supercharging the immune
system well above a '50')!!

This is a long-term process so it can only be completed at home!!

We can compare this four-phase protocol to what you would do if you had
major damage to your house by a fire. If your house was on fire and the
fire was spreading quickly, you would:
Phase One) Call the fire department to save the house,
Phase Two) Make sure the embers are out to prevent the fire from starting
Phase Three) When the fire was out you would hire people to clean up the
mess and start to rebuild the house,
Phase Four) In your new house you would install better smoke alarms and
better fire extinguishers.

This is exactly the four-step process this article describes with regards
to cancer.

The Phase #1 treatment can be a clinic treatment (e.g. hyperthermia with
low-dose chemotherapy, Vitamin C by I.V., etc.) or a home treatment (e.g.
the Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride, Bill Henderson, etc.). The Phase #1
treatment is designed to do four things:
1) Stop or slow down the spreading of the cancer,
2) Energize the non-cancerous cells so they are not destroyed by the
3) Eliminate as many cancer cells as possible,
4) Start the slow process of building the immune system.

Phase #1 is the "fire department" cancer treatment, meaning the main
cancer treatment to stop the spread of the cancer. These treatments
rarely deal with the key issues of microbes and lactic acid in the
bloodstream and the long-term protection of the liver and the long-term
building of the immune system.

Phase #2 puts out the embers to prevent the fire from starting again. In
this phase the "Super MSM" protocol (high dose MSM and Vitamin C) are
used to clean out the lactic acid and start the long process of getting
rid of the microbes in the bloodstream. Dealing with liver problems may
also be dealt with.

Phase #3 is the Plasma-Beck Protocol. This protocol is microbe-oriented
and removes microbes inside the cancer cells, in the bloodstream and the
lymph system. This protocol starts the process of eliminating all bad
microbes from the body and reverting any remaining cancer cells into
normal cells (The "Super MSM" protocol is also doing this at the same

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