Friday, March 1, 2013

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 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

How To Prevent Your Cancer From Coming Back

The alkaline protocols (e.g. calcium, cesium, etc.) are very good protocols and are absolutely critical to keeping advanced cancer patients alive!! Nothing can keep advanced cancer patients alive as well as these protocols!! These protocols have saved many, many lives, so this is not a criticism of these protocols.

My point is, as I say on other web pages, that when a cancer patient finishes one of these protocols they must either stay on an alkaline "cancer diet" for life or they must switch to an alternative cancer treatment that does not depend on alkalinity, such as the Ultimate Simple Protocol or Plasma-Beck protocol. While these protocols do have some alkalinity in them (via a small amount of baking soda), they are not alkaline enough to put the microbes into hibernation or keep them in hibernation. They only have enough alkalinity to slow down the spread of cancer.

Cancer Theory and Electromedicine Treatments

It has been demonstrated many times that if you kill all of the microbes inside of a cancer cell, the cancer cell will revert into a normal cell.

One of the ways to kill these microbes is with electromedicine, especially if the electromedicine device has a "carrier wave." The only such devices I know of are the two GB-4000 "frequency generators."

So how do these devices kill the microbes which are inside of a cancer cell?

It is generally believed that each of the 16 shapes and sizes of the cancer microbe has a different "Mortal Oscillatory Rate" or M.O.R., meaning they have a different frequency at which they vibrate until they explode and die.

Think of a wine glass being shattered by an opera singer. At a certain frequency the glass will shatter. Likewise, each microbe has a specific frequency (i.e. M.O.R.) at which it will "explode" and die.

In theory, this would imply that it would take 16 different frequencies to kill the "cancer microbe." Well, it is not that simple.

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation will determine these frequencies if they ever get enough funding. But for now understand that it has been shown by those using electromedicine, by trial and error, that taking some ionized water makes the device more effective.

This makes perfect sense because at the larger sizes and shapes, finding an effective frequency to vibrate them until they explode may be very difficult. This may be exacerbated by the shapes of the larger sizes. Some shapes may prevent a uniform and consistent vibration.

By taking some ionized water the alkalinity inside the cancer cells will go up and the size of the microbes will go down into the mid-size range of the microbe sizes.

However, it has also been shown that when too much ionized water is taken, in conjunction with an alkaline treatment, that the microbe becomes too small to kill by the frequency range of the device.

These conclusions were based on case studies.

Much more research needs to be done in this area, but for now realize that the cardinal rule of using electromedicine is to take a reasonable amount of ionized or alkaline water, but do not be fanatical. By using moderation the size and shape of the cancer microbe will be in the middle range and it will be easier to kill the microbes by using vibrations.

This is a highly theoretical discussion, but the theory coincides with the actual success of the devices.

Final Comments and Summary

This article is in no way a criticism of the alkaline or electromedicine protocols. They are superb protocols that can do things no other protocols can do!! Many, many cancer patients are alive today because of these protocols!!

In fact, as the "Understanding Treating Cancer" article explains (see the left side-bar), the alkaline "super protocols" are the highly recommended protocols for very advanced cancer patients.

However, it is important to understand key principles in how to maximize the effectiveness of these protocols.

With alkaline protocols the way to maximize their effectiveness is to use a non-alkaline cancer protocol when the alkaline protocol is completed or to stay on an alkaline diet for life.

With electromedicine protocols the way to maximize the effectiveness of these protocols is to use some alkalinity to put the microbes in the middle size range, but to not use too much alkalinity. "Moderation" of alkalinity is a good term.

 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

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