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Some Alternative Cancer Treatments Are Far Superior...

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Why Some Alternative Cancer Treatments Are Far Superior 
to Orthodox Cancer Treatments

All of your life you have probably been taught that natural
substances from Mother Nature cannot possibly be as effective
against cancer as the highly condensed, highly potent synthetic
molecules made by the drug companies. In other words, you have
been taught that chemotherapy drugs kill cancer cells far better
than anything Mother Nature can put together.

That is definitely not a true statement, but even if it were
true it would be an irrelevant issue!

The key issue is whether patented drugs or Mother Nature’s
minerals and nutrients target cancer cells better.

The fact of the matter is that chemotherapy does not target
cancer cells. In fact, chemotherapy kills far, far more healthy
cells than it does cancer cells.

What this means is that chemotherapy must be given in very, very
low doses, spread out over long periods of time, and the therapy
must include gaps between the treatments. This pacing of the
drugs is because too many healthy cells would be killed if too
much chemotherapy were given too fast.

The reason orthodox medicine treats cancer like a chronic
disease is because orthodox treatments, in high doses, would
kill the patient long before they would cure the cancer. This
failure of orthodox medicine to safely kill cancer cells (i.e.
safely target cancer cells) is why they talk about a 5 year cure
rate rather than a true cure rate. If they can keep the patient
alive for 5 years they consider the patient to be cured, even if
they die in the sixth year.

Mother Nature’s cancer treatments, called natural cancer
treatments, or more commonly alternative cancer treatments,
generally do absolutely no harm to healthy cells. This is because
the human body, which was made by Mother Nature, knows exactly
what to do with Mother Nature’s minerals and nutrients.

Virtually all natural treatments for cancer do not kill healthy
cells not a single one.

This is the key  because alternative cancer treatments do not
harm or kill healthy cells, the items from nature that can kill
cancer cells can be given in much higher doses than chemotherapy
without any gaps in treatment!!

Thus, even if the mutations of natural molecules, called drugs,
were more potent at killing cancer cells than the original
natural molecules, because of the superiority of natural
substances at targeting cancer cells or leaving healthy cells
healthy, alternative cancer treatments can be far more effective
than orthodox drugs at treating cancer!

Because Mother Nature does not necessarily condense the cancer-
killing nutrients found in foods, some of the most potent of the
alternative cancer treatments are liquid ionic minerals, certain
types of ozone treatments, and other natural treatments that
contain molecules that can be condensed, such as intravenous
vitamin C (but not the Pauling/Cameron doses, however).

Just how effective are the best treatments from Mother Nature?
Several alternative cancer treatments have achieved a consistent
50% true cure rate on cancer patients who had been given up on
by orthodox medicine and had been sent home to die!

Such results are possible because these key alternative cancer
treatments not only target cancer cells, they can be given in
a very condensed and potent form, they do not need a catalyst,
and they can be given safely in much higher doses than chemotherapy.
Ponder that very carefully!

Also ponder the true cure rate of these same treatments on
cancer patients who use these treatments exclusively, meaning
they had not lost many months of treatment time while being treated
with orthodox treatments!

However, do not assume all alternative cancer treatments are equally
effective!! Very few of the 400+ alternative cancer treatments can
come anywhere close to a 50% true cure rate on patients given up on
by orthodox medicine.

One of the big mistakes people who seek out alternative cancer
treatments make is to assume that if an alternative cancer treatment
will cure one patient, it will cure all cancer patients, no matter
what condition they are in. This is a dangerous assumption because
very, very few of the 400+ alternative cancer treatments are
condensed and potent enough to cure 50% of those sent home to die
by orthodox medicine. Very few.

It could be a fatal mistake to see a testimonial on the Internet
about someone who cured their cancer with alternative cancer
treatments and then to use that treatment based on that testimonial.
The reason it could be a fatal mistake is that the patient telling
his or her story may have been a newly diagnosed patient, or had a
much less aggressive type of cancer than you do!!

Copyright (c) 2003, 2004, 2006 R. Webster Kehr, all rights reserved.

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