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Highly Effective Cancer Treatments Have Been Persecuted and/or Ignored.

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Copyright (c) 2003, 2004, 2006 R. Webster Kehr, all rights reserved.

There are many, many instances where highly effective cancer 
treatments have been persecuted and/or ignored.

There is, in fact, a pattern. A very clear pattern. The pattern
is that if natural substances are involved, such as vitamin C,
the study and evidence is persecuted and/or ignored. When natural

substances are involved it is called alternative medicine. It
should be called persecuted and/or ignored medicine.

There are more than 400 alternative cancer treatments that
use natural substances, such as Vitamin C. Every one of them
is more effective than the Pauling/Cameron protocol. Every
one of them is far more effective than chemotherapy and/or
radiation. Every one of them is ignored and many of them
have been persecuted.

But there is a clear reason why natural substances are ignored.
It has nothing to do with their effectiveness. The pharmaceutical
industry cannot patent and control, and thus cannot profit from,
natural substances. They can only charge their monopolistic
prices on synthetic molecules, many of which are nothing but
mutations of natural molecules.

What is Going On In The Cancer Industry?

The February 22, 2006 USA Today mentioned that by the year 2015,
20% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) could be for health

Now let’s be logical. Suppose a cure for cancer was found; and
suppose a treatment to avoid 90% of all heart disease problems
was found; and suppose a cure for type 2 diabetes was found;
and suppose a cure for AIDS/HIV was found. (In fact, all of
these have been found.) Would health spending ever hit 20%
of GDP? Of course not. All of these are highly profitable
diseases for both the pharmaceutical industry and the medical
industry (and the politicians who claim to represent their

All the money being rasied for treating AIDS patients in Africa
are benefiting no one but the pharmaceutical industry stockholders
because a cure for AIDS/HIV has been around since 1990.

So in essence, the article in U.S. Today was predicting that
no cures for the highly profitable diseases would be found by
the year 2015. That is a safe prediction!! Another safe prediction
would be to predict that every new treatment for the profitable
diseases will be more expensive and more profitable than existing
treatments!! Here is another safe prediction, the 20% figure
will be hit before 2015.

Here is yet another safe prediction: the media will continue
to suppress alternative treatments for cancer, heart disease,
dementia, diabetes, etc. See this web site, you will be amazed
at what alternative medicine can already prevent and cure (and
this website is just the tip of the iceberg):  Dementia, Heart
Disease, Diabetes, etc. Website

Ask yourself this questions: When was the last time orthodox
medicine used their massive profits to find a cure for any
disease? When was the last time a cure for disease was found
that used prescription drugs?

If you said polio, you would be wrong. Polio was cured by a
medical doctor in the 1940s, but the cure was suppressed
because he used a form of Vitamin C, which drug companies
could not patent and control.

Polio was also cured by a nurse in Australia who used massage
therapy the right way. Polio was also cured by using ultraviolet
light. All these cures were ignored prior to the development of
the polio vaccine.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone found
a cure for cancer? You probably think that the person finding
the cure would be featured on every television show in America
and would win a Nobel Prize in medicine. Kaali and Lyman,
mentioned above, found a cure for AIDS / HIV, and more than
200 other diseases, and they didn’t win a Nobel Prize. Have you
ever heard of them before?

It is difficult, if not impossible, to convince the average
American that orthodox medicine today is not only corrupt, it
is more corrupt than it has ever been in the history of medicine.
That is saying a lot because orthodox medicine was persecuting
cures for disease in the 1700s.

Unfortunately, there are some in alternative medicine who are
also more interested in profits than their patients. The main
difference between orthodox medicine and alternative medicine
is freedom. The people with integrity in alternative medicine
are allowed a great deal of freedom to help others. However,
the Food and Drug Administration is always looking for excuses
to crush the people who know how to cure diseases which are highly
profitable to Big Pharma and Big Medicine (and thus Big Government).

Nevertheless, in spite of some persecution, there are over 400
alternative cancer treatments that currently exist. Every one
of them can cure some cases of cancer, if the person starts using
that treatment immediately after being diagnosed. However, there
is a very wide range in effectiveness between these treatments,
especially when used on advanced cancer patients.

The problem with alternative medicine is that patients are
frequently on their own to find out which treatments work for
their situation and which don’t work. Unlike orthodox medicine,
which is very uniform across the country, alternative medicine
is neither organized, nor uniform. Nor do we have very much money.
The quest for truth is always a winding and rocky road, especially
when money is involved.

Some people erroneously think that medical doctors do not use
the best alternative cancer treatments because the doctors do
not know which treatments are really effective. While medical
schools turn doctors into nothing but drug salesmen, that is
not why medical doctors do not use natural substances in the
treatment of disease. Medical doctors know how to read. But
they also know that if they used a single one of these
alternative cancer treatments on a single cancer patient,
they would risk losing their license and/or could go to jail!!

While it is this attitude that creates uniformity in orthodox
medicine, it is also this attitude that crushes progress. Orthodox
medicine is a highly controlled monopoly, totally controlled by
the combination of Big Pharma and the American Medical Association.

The suppression of truth by Big Medicine is why this website,
and many other websites, exist. The major purpose of this website
is to make information about alternative cancer treatments free and
available to the public so that more and more people know which
alternative cancer treatments are the strongest.

Copyright (c) 2003, 2004, 2006 R. Webster Kehr, all rights reserved.

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