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How Does this Change My New Exercise Recommendations?


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How Does this Change My New Exercise Recommendations?

    It is important to recognize that life is a journey and we are constantly
growing and learning. I have been exercising for nearly 45 years and most of
that time it was FAR from ideal. It certainly helped me more than not
exercising but by failing to incorporate many sound foundational principles I
wasted loads of time and did not achieve a fraction of the benefits I could

    One of my goals with this site it to share with you what I learn on my
health journey so hopefully you can avoid many of the mistakes I and others
make in an effort to achieve high-level health.

    I am very grateful to the many mentors in my life. With respect to
exercise, Dr. Ken Cooper is responsible for helping me make the lifelong
commitment to exercise. More recently Phil Campbell helped me to radically
improve my exercise with the concepts articulated in our Peak Fitness

    After doing Peak Fitness exercises three times a week for about a year I
gradually felt that it was too much for me and I reduced that to once a week,
which seemed to work out well.  When I interviewed Phil Campbell a second
time for this article, though, he made a compelling argument to increase Peak
Fitness workouts to three times a week, so you can get growth hormone
produced three times instead of once a week.

    Made sense to me so I bumped it back up to three times a week.
    However I had to reduce the intensity and back it down by about 5% or so,
as I was simply too fatigued between sessions. So instead of getting my heart
rate to 173 or so, it would be about ten less. Then I recently interviewed
Dr. Doug McGuff who is a strong proponent of Super Slow weight training to
achieve similar benefits that Phil discusses in this article.

    Dr. McGuff has a bit of a different take on using exercise to increase
growth hormone. He believes that you only need 12 minutes of Super Slow type
strength training once a week to achieve the benefits. I really enjoyed my
interview with him as he helped me appreciate a nagging truth that I hadn't
quite captured yet and that is the crucial nature of recovery integrated into
listening to your body.

Let Me Explain Further

    I have known the importance of recovery in exercise training for ages but
never applied it to what I have been teaching for an equally long time, which
is to Listen to Your Body when it comes to selecting foods.

    The epiphany I had with Dr. McGuff is that I wasn't applying the "Listen
to Your Body" principle with respect to my exercise program. When I grilled
him on parameters of what is the best way to know if you are recovered from
your exercise he said you would have a restless energy and feel like you have
to engage in some type of physical activity. You will just want to work out.

    Well that had not happened to me for some time as I believe I was pushing
myself too hard and had not allowed myself enough recovery time. I don't
believe this is a problem for most people who exercise, as they are more
likely not pushing themselves hard enough, but when you go to extremes as in
Peak Fitness high-intensity training programs, this is a serious risk you
need to pay careful attention to.

Putting it All Together

    So I am currently in a massive experimentation phase and playing with my
exercise program. I am doing Peak Fitness 2-3 times a week and also
incorporating some changes with my strength training. 

    Along with this I intend to do active isolated stretching on a daily
basis and do very specific strengthening exercises that are designed for
small muscles that are missed during virtually all traditional multi muscle
strength training exercises.  I will likely be exercising the same length of
time just breaking it up differently.  I suspect that will be more ideal for
me and I intend to report on my results as I seek to refine my program so you
can learn from it.

    I guess the lesson here to learn is that life is an exciting journey.

Learn as much as you can from your mistakes and continue to seek new
information from different mentors that you can apply and, here is the key,
learn to listen to your body so it can guide you into a path that will
provide you with the most efficient and effective benefits.

Thank You Dr. Mercola


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
42 S. Sherwood Dr.
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