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Peak Fitness Also Increases Your Endurance Through Fitness Exercises.

Peak Fitness Also Increases Your Endurance Through Fitness Exercises.


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Peak Fitness Also Increases Your Endurance

    Another great facet of Peak Fitness is that it gives you both aerobic and
anaerobic benefits at the same time, essentially replacing the need to do
long, slow training. In fact, Phil points out that if you're trying to build
your endurance levels, replacing tedious distance workouts with Peak Fitness
is going to give you better results.

        "With long-slow cardio there's some benefits, but we know from the
sport sciences now that the best way to increase endurance capacity is
through hard, fast anaerobic training," Phil says.

        … There's a study … that shows you double endurance capacity with the
program very similar to Sprint 8, where you go on an all-cardio cycle for 30
seconds except they would rest for two-four minutes before they do another
one. Sprints 8, on the other hand, you only get an accurate recovery of a
minute and a half because we're trying to multitask an aerobic workout and an
anaerobic workout, where they would just look at endurance capacity. So
Sprint 8 is actually much more intense than this exercise protocol. But in
that protocol, they showed that you double endurance capacity three workouts
a week in two weeks' time."

Summary of a Typical Peak Fitness Workout

    Here's a summary of what a typical Peak Fitness routine might look like:

        Warm up for three minutes
        Exercise as hard and fast as you can for 30 seconds. You should feel
        like you couldn't possibly go on another few seconds
        Recover for 90 seconds
        Repeat the high intensity exercise and recovery 7 more times

    As you can see, the entire workout is only 20 minutes. Twenty minutes!
That really is a beautiful thing. And within those 20 minutes, 75 percent of
that time is warming up, recovering or cooling down. You're really only
working out intensely for four minutes. It's hard to believe if you have
never done this that you can actually get that much benefit from four minutes
of exercise. That's all it is.

    Keep in mind that you can use virtually any type of equipment you want
for this – an elliptical machine, a treadmill, swimming, even sprinting
outdoors (although you will need to do this very carefully to avoid injury)
-- as long as you're pushing yourself as hard as you can for 30 seconds. But
do be sure to stretch properly and start slowly to avoid injury. Start with
two or three repetitions and work your way up, don't expect to do all eight
repetitions the first time you try this, especially if you are out of shape.

    Phil states:

        "There are many different ways you could do Sprint 8. As long as you
can get totally exhausted in 30 seconds or less. That's the key. If you can't
go longer than 30 seconds -- no matter if you're a professional athlete or
just starting -- that means you're doing it correctly. It has to be so
intense that after 30 seconds, you're just praying for those last seconds to
go by … "

    Phil also mentioned that his study showed doing Peak Fitness on an
elliptical machine led to a higher release of growth hormone, and he suspects
that it is the most challenging type of equipment to use.

    One caveat: a treadmill may not be the best choice for Peak Fitness
because of the time it takes for the machine to adjust intensities. So
instead of the 30-second sprint, by the time the machine calibrates it will
only be 20 seconds.

    I really discourage people from using the treadmill because I don't
believe it is ideal due to lag time to adjust intensity levels and an
increased risk of falling off the equipment and injuring yourself. The
elliptical is probably close to the best in my opinion. But if you don't have
access to a gym or your own equipment, then you can improvise. You can use
virtually any type of cardio exercise, as long as you get your knees up and
your heart rate up, that's the key.

    I would strongly recommend that you invest in a chest strap heart rate
monitor to make sure your intensity is on target. If you are able to exceed
your calculative maximum heart rate, which is 220 minus your age, by five or
10 beats, then you know you have trained. And you really need to be accurate
within a few beats per minute to get the best results. There's a big
difference between 166 and 168, but you're not going to be able to calculate
that manually. You need an electronic version.

    If funds are limited and you can't join the gym or get a piece of
equipment, invest in a heart rate monitor. That's going to give you the
information you need to make sure you're doing the activity properly.


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