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Success From Fitness Exercises!

You Can Use Peak Fitness Principles for Strength Training, Too


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You Can Use Peak Fitness Principles for Strength Training, Too

    Instead of using an elliptical machine three times a week, you can use strength training to get a Peak Fitness workout in too. This is another way to activate HGH while building up different areas in your muscles. The challenge of relying on any specific exercise, the elliptical or the recumbent bike, and so on is that your body adapts to that.

    You really want a comprehensive holistic approach for optimal benefits.

    Phil explains how to do this:

        "It's the same principle. You're applying the same principle of recruiting fast-twitch muscle fiber with strength training as you can with Sprint 8. Your body is trying to do things not to recruit fast-twitch fiber because your body thinks it's trying to help you get through all day by staying to slow-twitch fiber in the system. So if it's a push or press movement away from the center -- like the chest press, bench press, shoulder press, squat or any push or press movement away from the center of the body -- those muscles return loaded with fast-twitch fiber that a lot of times simply don't get worked.

        It's real simple to engage that muscle fiber.

        So if you come down like on a push-up or a chest press, pause and then explode out -- don't use momentum to come out -- just pause and then explode with velocity because you're getting an intensity of movement.

        Whether Sprint 8 or lifting weights, you get intensity from the matter resistance and the velocity of movement. So when you factor in a velocity of movement into that equation, you recruit fast-twitch fiber. … And so you get all three muscle fiber types in the same exercise if you do it that way. We recommend doing that on push or press movements. It's the way to observe your body. A great example would be triceps. Triceps are just loaded with fast-twitch fiber. Triceps press for the rope, for example, is a great way to work it. You let a pause, explode. Pause, explode."

How to Make Sure Your Growth Hormone Stays Optimized AFTER Your Workout

    Once you have gone through all the time, effort and energy of stimulating growth hormone release, there's an exercise recovery phase of two to three hours, where you have to be somewhat careful about what foods you choose to eat. If you aren't careful, then you could suppress the stimulus and you won't get that growth hormone benefits that you would have if you have been more careful with your diet.

    Specifically, in order to promote HGH release, you do need to restrict sugar intake post-exercise (although carbs can benefit those more interested in fast recovery, such as professional athletes).

    Phil explains:

        "What we recommend … is to get 25 grams of protein afterwards within that 30-minute golden window. There is a lot of research to support that, but there's also some research done by Dr. John Ivy of the University of Texas, a great researcher on a young cyclist who made recovery. They're not looking at growth hormone or maximizing growth hormone. They're trying to get to recover as quickly as possible so they can cycle several days in a row.

        They showed that getting a ratio of 4:1 carbs to protein is better for recovery … 4:1 starts recovery faster. If you're going after recovery, that's the best strategy … [if] you're not looking for growth hormone, that is. But on the other side, if your goal for most middle-aged adults and older is to maximize growth hormone to get this wonderful hormone circulating for that full two hours in the surging window for going after body fat (just about like you're doing cardio for two hours), you can do that.… if you throw too many carbohydrates in … then that releases the hormones called somatostatin. That, for whatever reason, just shuts down growth hormone. That's clear in the research."

    So it's important to avoid carbs, especially sugar or fructose-containing foods, in the two hours after your workout, and this includes sports drinks, to be sure you're getting the full HGH benefits.

    Now, instead of wasting hours and hours needlessly on slow cardio workouts, you can cut down the time, improve the benefits and improve the quality of your life by doing Peak Fitness exercises for 20 minutes, just three times a week. This is not only about longevity but the quality of your life! For more information, Phil has written a book called Ready Set Go. I strongly recommend picking up a copy of that book if you're interested in using high-intensity exercise to improve your health.


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