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Cardio Primarily Exercise          



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  Cardio Primarily Exercise

    Traditional strength training and cardio primarily exercise your slow
twitch muscle fibers. Your body kicks in these slow twitch muscles first,
in an effort to not recruit your fast twitch muscles, or work your heart

    This is why you may not see results even though you spend an hour on
the treadmill a few times a week – you're basically denying the natural
physiology of your body by not working the other half of your muscle
fibers; your fast-twitch muscles.

    Phil states:

        " … the American Heart Association and the American College of
Sports Medicine, they have taken long-slow cardio and have taken it out
of the exercise guidelines and the reason is pretty clear. It just
doesn't work. It doesn't work both processes of your heart muscle,
aerobic process and anaerobic process. It doesn't work for your fast-
twitch fiber.

        To really work your cardiovascular system the way you should, I'm now
saying you do moderate-intensity cardio (which is still pretty intense) five
days a week for 30 minutes - or vigorous intensity cardio for 20 minutes,
three times a week. This is what Sprint 8 has been for years and years now."

You Should NOT do Peak Fitness Every Day

    I want to point out that even though Peak Fitness is, in my impression,
an essential, crucial element of any exercise training program -- it is NOT
something you should do every day, as your body requires more time to heal in
between sessions.

    Phil says:

        "We have to urge caution because research is pretty clear now: if you
do long and slow exercise, your muscle -- that's slow-twitch fiber -- can
heal pretty quickly in one day. But when you work fast-twitch fiber, whether
it's an NFL athlete, or me or anyone, it takes about 48 hours for that fast-
twitch fiber to truly heal back and totally recover. Sprint 8 is one of these
programs that you really don't want to do every day … we recommend three
times a week."

    The benefit of doing this program three times a week comes not only from
the way it works your fast and super-fast muscle fibers, but also the way it
increases your growth hormone with each session.

Each Peak Fitness Workout May Increase Your Growth Hormones by 771 Percent

    Human growth hormone is often referred to as "the fitness hormone." The
higher your levels of growth hormone, the healthier and stronger you will be.

Once you hit the age of 30, you enter what's called "somatopause," at which
point your levels of human HGH begin to drop off quite dramatically. This
decline of HGH is part of what drives your aging process, so maintaining your
HGH levels gets increasingly important with age.

       The longer you can keep your body producing higher levels of HGH, the
longer you will likely experience more robust health and strength. Some
athletes choose to inject it for this very reason, though it is a banned
substance in nearly every professional sport. I do not recommend injecting
HGH however, due to the potential side effects, the cost and, more
importantly, it is likely to cause more long-term harm than good.

Fortunately, your body produces HGH naturally when you exercise your super-
fast muscle fibers during vigorous, high-intensity exercise like Peak


    Phil explains:

        "You know, walking is a great thing, but it only works the aerobic
process of your heart muscle. It doesn't work the anaerobic process. It only
recruits your slow-twitch fibers. So those two other muscle fiber types are
meant to be used to exercise is necessary to release growth hormones.

        … If we look at the body and say, how do you want us to exercise?

When you do this – when you do Sprint 8 – it's almost like the result is
screaming this: When you do this, I release this hormone that's so powerful,
that if you're an Olympic athlete, your test goes positive for injecting
growth hormone. That's how significant Sprint 8 is when you look at growth

    In fact, an eight-week study conducted by Phil and colleagues found that
a Peak Fitness session resulted in an average HGH increase of 771 percent!
This also translated to increased fat burning among the study participants.

Phil states:

        "At the end of the eight weeks, results were phenomenal. The average
body fat loss was 31 percent. Sprint 8 was designed to replicate the growth
hormone production, which in the average case increases 14.4 percent.

Basically, Sprint 8 in this one study on middle-aged workers shows that it's
twice as effective in body fat loss as injecting growth hormone."


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