Sunday, March 24, 2013

How Big Pharma Has Invaded Your Life

By:  Ted Twietmeyer

This is dedicated to readers who are NOT yet seriously ill or who do NOT serve as caregivers for the chronically ill. Hopefully it will instill some very sobering thoughts. If you are one of these fortunate people - live every day like it's your last. Not one of us will ever know when some nasty disease will strike us and wreak havoc on our lives, or the life of someone we love or care about. There are actually only a handful of different ways we can get our exit ticket punched on this Earth. We may never know when we'll meet the train conductor face to face.

As a caregiver, I can testify that serious illness around you (or in you) will drain you even while you're still relatively healthy, in countless ways which will test your patience with the medical and drug professions. Expenses will bombard you from all directions that will drain your wallet with insane, countless costs you never thought possible. On top of all this, every year these costs increase. There is a frustration doctors can create in your mind with their often frustrating behavior and "standard of care" which all doctors must follow.

We see more and more power being consolidated into fewer and fewer and drug companies and government organizations. Now the FDA wants to suckle at big pharma nipples under the guise of "fees."  I'll not delve into that black hole in depth here as others already have done so far more eloquently than I. But we will explore the medical and drug profession which is connected at the waist like Siamese twins. The core of this matter is the public's ignorant, blind trust in the FDA as their watchdog. People seldom can help themselves to believe otherwise, as they are unknowingly brainwashed to think that way by media. Is this a cultural thing perhaps?

There is also a well-known phenomenon that everyone in the medical profession knows about - the "white lab coat effect." This one is strange but true. Generic white lab coats were originally designed to protect street clothes from chemicals and spills in a laboratory. But it was discovered a long time ago that people blindly trust almost anyone wearing a white lab coat! This is why many doctors wear them, even though most doctors never step foot in a laboratory.

What a mistake it is to blindly trust the FDA - this is akin to trusting Jack the Ripper with a sharpened knife alone in a dark alley with a woman. But instead of a knife, today there are countless pills which are equally dangerous. At least you KNOW that the knife is a dangerous weapon. A pill is an innocent looking object, and stays that way - until you take it. It hides very complex chemistry. When you take any pill you roll the dice - will you get better or feel far worse? And what was in that pill you took? Too late now

It's almost totally impossible to know which prescription meds will work right and which ones will not. Those reassuring voices speaking daily on the squawk box in your living room constantly tell you how wonderful these designer chemicals are, in spite of an actor casually downplaying dangerous side effects. Web research can be highly informative..


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God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.
Larry Nelson

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