Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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Let's assume for conservative comparative purposes that a mere 1,000,000 patients worldwide are on Copaxone. However, the number of people on Copaxone worldwide today must conservatively number at least several million patients. The drug has far less side effects than the other popular treatment, Beta-Interferon. It's been estimated that about 10 million people in the United States have MS, with thousands more unaware they have it. Teva Pharmaceuticals announced about 2 years ago that a THIRD automated plant built to produce the drug is now operational in Israel.

Did the new Copaxone factory lower the cost of the drug to patients? No - instead the company increased their prices. In fact, in just four years the drug's price has increased about $400.00 a month per patient. So much for mass production reducing patient costs. Greed begets more greed.

For sales over a 5 year period, total sales of Copaxone for just 1,000,000 patients worldwide (at US$1,900.00 per month) will result in the staggering sum of $114,000,000,000.00! Yes, that really is ONE HUNDRED FOURTEEN BILLION DOLLARS. Is this drug available generically? Not at all, and it's also covered by numerous patents. Surely more patents will be filed later to assure the drug company's on-going, tight fisted greed can continue. Or they will cook up another "maintenance drug" supposedly better than Copaxone.

It's very hard to imagine being able to patent anything without knowing how it works. If you were to try to patent any device and not fully explain in your patent filing how it works, it will be flatly rejected by a USA patent examiner. As a patent holder, I quickly learned from a patent lawyer that you cannot withhold any information as to how a patent works. If you do, your patent can be rejected by an examiner or later declared invalid in a courtroom when challenged. USA patent law states that a patent must be written so that someone skilled in the arts can replicate it.

How could Teva been awarded a patent several years ago for Copaxone - a drug which they cannot definitively explain how it works or what it does inside the human body? This is outrageous to say the least.

Copaxone syringes are made on automated production machinery in three modern plants. This drug doesn't require recombinant DNA or other exotic technology like other drugs such as insulin use today.

Copaxone isn't the only medicine an MS patient requires. Other prescription drugs pills and capsules are used to manage the constellation of MS symptoms like sleeplessness, seizures, pain, depression, nausea, etc... These can total 8 or more.

So what is in Copaxone? Although claimed by some to rebuild nerves, this drug has only ONE ingredient: Calcium Glatimer Acetate. And what is a key chemical element in cell and nerve chemistry? Calcium. Get the idea here? Could a dietary change do the same thing Copaxone does? This isn't known yet, but certainly worth exploring.

Remember that doctor's statement earlier? "A patient cured is a customer lost."

Where are the three Copaxone factories? In Israel, where else?

What's next from Israel - prescription toilet-paper? Prescription food?


Now the FDA is out to kill alternative therapies and medicines by using various regulations such as labeling, and new laws they want to enact. One alternative health care product called SeaSilver was on the FDA hit list - all because of a labeling issue. This product simply made from sea vegetables was hammered off the market by the FDA for more than a year. The FDA demanded they change the label to more clearly define the benefits of the supplement. So they did, but that wasn't enough. Then the FDA demanded they add a preservative to it and change the labeling again. So they did that, too.

The company finally made a comeback after the Gestapo left their lives and were selling product again, but irreversible damage was done. Now SeaSilver has permanently closed as a company. Why? Because the government has taxpayer-funded lawyers on their payroll, but small companies must hire lawyers to defend themselves from them.

In the final analysis, alternative food and supplement companies are hiring lawyers to defend themselves from themselves, because both private and corporate taxes are paying for government lawyers to attack them.

I salute people like Jeff Rense, Rev. Ted Pike, Dr. Patricia Doyle and many others. They sound the alarm when we are threatened with losing our rights, and losing access to alternative non-prescription treatments and supplements. If the Codex Alumentarius model is ever fully enacted in America, it will end access to dietary supplements and hope for better health for millions of people. But then, maybe that really is the government agenda after all - a sick, twisted attempt to "cull the masses."

If citizens in America don't start standing up for their right to cure and treat themselves for their illnesses, their hands will be tied by greedy big pharma. And when these same sick people find that big pharma "designer drugs" won't cure any of their serious illness, it may be too late to obtain an alternative. But that might be the master plan all along.

Remember this the next time you're ill - "A patient cured is a customer lost."

Thank You Ted Twietmeyer

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God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.
Larry Nelson

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