Monday, March 25, 2013

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But is there a machine behind all this to legally keep pushing these chemical cocktails into mainstream America? Could this be the barrage of drug commercials on radio, TV, newspapers and magazines?

There exists a well known, established method to control the human mind. It doesn't involve the MK-Ultra program. It doesn't requite electrodes, RF mind control, water boarding or hypnosis. It doesn't even employ forced drugging. What is it? Simple repetition. Television shows are carefully designed to have a cliff-hanger hit the viewer, and then WHAMMO on comes a drug commercial repeat, such as the smiling idiot holding a limp garden hose.

One thirty second non-prime time television ad costs several hundred thousand dollars, to over a million dollars during sporting events and prime time.

But drug companies don't mind paying high TV advertising prices for a reason.

Do these expensive TV drug ads pay for themselves? Drug companies see it purely as an investment and part of the cost of doing business. These companies know that they can brainwash a certain percentage of the people a given drug is targeted for. These people in turn go beg their physicians for these drugs, staying on them from several years to perhaps a lifetime. Or at least until the drug is taken off the market after enough patients die.

Even if a small number of patients are brainwashed, the commercial has just paid for itself many times over as we shall see. We can crunch some simple numbers to conservatively look at the payoff. Keep in mind that the raw materials to make almost ANY drug are a few pennies. Profit margins are measured in thousands of percent. It costs mere pennies to manufacture any given drug on today's high speed machinery.

Let's look at a typical health maintenance prescription drug we'll call drug "X." For simplicity we'll leave out the ever increasing cost of drug X each year and just use a flat price. Of course local and on-line pharmacies will some make money off re-selling drug X - but their profits is quite small compared with drug company profits as we shall see.

1. Drug X - Patient cost is typically $100.00 per month, which equates to $1200.00 per year.

2. If a patient is on drug X for 5 years before it's taken off the market because patients DIE from it, the total expenditure by a patient for those five years is a whopping $6,000.00. Of course, this total doesn't include numerous follow-up doctor visit costs and additional prescription drugs that might be needed to counter side effects of drug X.

3. If across the United States 200,000 patients take drug X (a conservative number to be sure,) the drug X manufacturer will have 240 MILLION DOLLARS in sales EACH YEAR. This results in conservative total drug sales over 5 years of 1.2 BILLION dollars. The TV ad has paid for itself in just one year more than 200 times over. But it won't be a mere 200,000 patients that take drug X for some common malady. If there won't be an estimated market measured in millions of patients, no drug company will be interested. Sadly, this is why numerous rare afflictions will probably never have a drug to cure or slow disease progress. It's all about profit, shareholders and greed and not medicine in the final analysis for every drug companies. Curing patients is an unwanted side effect drug companies don't want.

Many wiser patients become well again without taking any prescriptions at all.


Think that drug X is expensive? Not compared to some other "designer" drugs for health maintenance which never cure any diseases. With cancer, you either get better or die. With MS, disease treatment can last the length of a normal lifetime and cost a staggering sum of money, just to try to live a somewhat normal life. Even then, a patient is never cured of it. No need to carry a wallet either.

Some drugs which are incredibly expensive are also highly successful. Since these drugs are pushed by doctors, many never need to advertise on television at all. They don't need to because of the staggering profits these drugs earn all year round.


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