Monday, March 25, 2013

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Let's look at the details for just one of these phenomenally successful drugs - Copaxone.

Copaxone comes as 30 pre-loaded syringes in a box, one injection for each day of the month. They are shipped monthly via overnight courier and are packed in a Styrofoam box with icepacks for temperature stabilization.

Cost for above syringe used for daily injection: $63.00

Minimum prescription order shipped: 30 syringes

Injections required per year: 365

Length of time patient takes this drug: Remainder of their life

Storage: Refrigeration

Country of origin: Israel

Number of patients cured: 0.

Effectiveness to slow MS progression according to data sheet: 7% average

Chemistry by which Copaxone works: Unknown according to manufacturer's data sheet.

Sales in 2003: $720,000,000.00

This drug approved only treatment of relapsing/remitting MS. It cures NOTHING and officially has an unknown mechanism according to the drug's data sheet, but was still FDA approved! How can this be possible? FDA Connections? Something to do with the Star of David?

I know from numerous experiences as a caregiver that many emergency room doctors don't have a clue what Copaxone is - although most MS patients know about it even if they aren't on it. Apparently homework for many doctors ends once they earn their MD degree.

Some foolishly think that a socialized public healthcare system will pay for Copaxone. Not so. The UK health system refuses to provide it to patients according to numerous on-line personal health histories posted on various MS websites. What do socialized medicine doctors in the UK give as a reason for this? "Too expensive" is what they are often told. Any patient that wants to obtain the drug must be able to pay for it themselves. This is equivalent to paying every month for a mortgage on a large home - a home they will never see or own.

In the UK, a local pharmacy is more commonly known as a Chemist. In the early days before formal drug treatments from big pharma companies, doctors prescribed drugs. These local pharmacists mixed up chemicals according to prescribed methods to cure various illnesses.

There is a cold truth about socialized medicine today. If you have a serious disease like MS, it's in the government's best interest if you just die. Many patients eventually become so disabled with MS that they can no longer work. Hence, they cannot pay taxes which go into the health system. Therefore, these patients become a negative cash flow drain to the government's health care system. With the scandal of vaccines in the UK now connected to Autism in school children, it's clear the government there has little regard for their people's future. What does any business (which government really is) do with a bad liability? Abolish it.

Logically, it's only a matter of time before government-assisted suicide becomes part of life, but probably not before more engineered diseases like MS are unleashed upon the unsuspecting public. There is already strong evidence the later is happening with West Nile, CJD, Anthrax and new bird flu strains to name a few.

Let's return to Copaxone, and check out the profit numbers for the Copaxone drug racket:

It might cost Teva Pharmaceuticals which manufactures Copaxone perhaps 50 cents for each filled syringe (if it costs that much.)

Typical monthly discount cost of Copaxone to a patient: $1,900.00.

Yearly cost: $22,800.00

Cost for a patient over 5 years: $114,000.00

Purpose: To slow disease progression by an average of just 7%.

Length of time patient takes this drug: Until they die or switch to another drug.


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