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KEYS TO SURVIVING CANCER (and many other diseases)...


         The Solution For Disease FREE Health...

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When I started this blog, I centered in on my cancer and
the want to inform as many people as I can that...CANCER

As time passed, my thinking started to change. I realized
that there is much more to learn. There is much more to do
...there is many different health problems that can be

I changed my approach and my thinking, (an old dog can
learn new tricks). I have found and read a ton of information
since then. I found a site that offers some great, straight
forward information to cure many health problems that our
bodies face everyday. Check it out to see if any of the
information can help you or someone that you know.

TIP: Designate An Expert in the Family


 (and many other diseases)


is that someone in the family takes charge of the treatment and
spends many hours studying relevant articles!!! Someone in the
family must do their homework!!! It can be the patient, or someone
else, but SOMEONE needs to continually be doing their homework!!
This is a good tip for the family and close friends to help
and support the individual that has the disease.

This same person must also make sure the cancer patient is not
subjected to negative comments from any "friends" or family. The
cancer patient must never hear a negative comment about natural
medicine. Natural cancer treatments are far, far superior to
orthodox cancer treatments (though orthodox treatments are
sometimes required).

Folks...That is what used to happen when, (The tip above), there
wasn't all of the so-called medicines that are used today.

It is common for people who have been brainwashed by the media
and orthodox medicine to speak negatively about natural medicine.
These people should be politely (or impolitely, if necessary)
told to keep their mouth shut because they spend too much time
watching television and they don't know what they are talking

My experience with sharing my recovery from cancer is so
unbelievable. Over 50% think I'm nuts to do the alternative
approach. A few remark..."that works for you but it won't
work for me". A small amount act as though they believe they
are interest and a very small amount actually will start
learning and follow a regime of herbals for their health

ONCE AGAIN...We, (they) are so dumbed down from our
medicalprofession we, (they) follow what is told to them and
their health goes down hill.

I  believe that our immune system can fight off most disease
and our health can be brought to and maintained to an excellent

OK folks...Thanks for reading my blog. Please pass this on
to as many people as you can.  

God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
42 S. Sherwood Dr.
Belton, Tx. 76513

Have a great day...unless you have made other plans.

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