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Meet “the plaque-eater!”

Meet “the plaque-eater!”

                    Continued From Last Post.

This supplement does in weeks what other treatments take months to achieve,
according to Dr. J. Valls-Serra of the University of Barcelona.  More than
nine out of ten patients with blood clot disorders got totally well.

Blood clots are the prime cause of heart attacks and strokes – and doctors
put millions of people on medications like coumadin and warfarin to thin
their blood.  Most of these people would get better, faster, if they just
added “the Missing Ingredient” to their diet or supplements.

In my report, The Missing Ingredient for Good Health I’ll show you study
after study that confirms the heart and circulation benefits you can
experience by taking this supplement.  Very few American doctors know about
these studies because they were published in German and have never been

That means your doctor – and you – are missing an important new discovery
about the so-called diseases of aging.

Your danger of cancer, heart disease, stroke
and arthritis go up as you age –
But it’s not because you’re getting older

You can help reverse the so-called “diseases of aging” by correcting a
nutritional deficiency.  More than nine out of ten patients with inflamed
blood vessels improve when they take this nutrient, and most of them get
totally well.

And what’s the most common complaint as we get older?  It’s probably pain.
Many “experts” call the most common kind of arthritis – osteoarthritis – a
“wear and tear” disease.  According to them, our joints wear out and we just
have to live with it.

But maybe not!  Just consider…

Pain goes away without drugs —
Study after study shows the “Missing Ingredient”
is more powerful than NSAIDs

In study after study, patients find the missing nutrient is more powerful
than prescription pain relievers.  Not only do osteoarthritis patients get
better, but in a group of 1,004 rheumatoid arthritis patients, nine out of
ten got better when they took the “Missing Ingredient.” As you may know,
rheumatoid arthritis is far more serious than osteoarthritis – and all but
incurable.  Or that’s what they tell you.

Don’t believe it.  There IS hope.

Young people with pain can benefit, too.  Controlled scientific studies show
that injured athletes heal and get back on the field in less than half the
time of those on a placebo.  The reason is that the missing nutrient doesn’t
just mask pain, it heals the injury – the real, underlying cause.

Most of these pain studies were done in Germany.  In fact, this nutrient is
the second most popular pain reliever in Germany after aspirin.  German
doctors are well aware of the benefits of this nutrient.  Yet most American
doctors – even alternative doctors – don’t know about it.  And most Americans
have never heard of it.

Eventually the word will get out. But why should you wait?

The almost-unknown power of this nutrient might take your health to a whole
new level. Within days or weeks – sometimes the first day – you can see
miraculous relief from medical problems that have troubled you for years.

One woman reports she now has four extra hours a day – hours she used to
spend sleeping or too fatigued and mind-fogged to do anything.


Say good-bye to indigestion, bloating, IBS, gas,
diarrhea, constipation and cramps

Digest your food right for the first time in your life.  The missing nutrient
treats the real, underlying problem.  It often cures suffering victims once
and for all.

Many patients report instant, miraculous relief.  Food allergies go away for
good and you can eat anything!  A delighted heartburn victim was able to
cancel surgery, and a baby’s colic vanished in one day.

I can tell you it’s true from personal experience.  I totally cured a spastic
colon that troubled me for more than twenty years.


  Nine out of ten autism cases get better!
Helps other behavioral and learning disorders, too

In my Special Report, The Missing Ingredient, you’ll see how 91 percent of a
group of 260 autistic kids got better.  For more than a third of the children
the improvement was “very great or impressive.”

“We enjoyed a regular meal at a family restaurant,” emailed one parent.  “No
stress, no reactions.  We are so happy.”

A natural wonder we’ve stripped out of our food

Our own bodies make these “missing nutrients.”  What’s more, they exist in

And that’s the catch.  Almost everything we eat is cooked.  Even most health
foods are cooked.  All milk products and store-bought juices are pasteurized.

 That means they’re heated until these nutrients are destroyed.  Food
companies process even frozen foods until this nutrient is mostly gone.

We’ve almost totally eliminated these essential-to-life nutrients from our
diets.  As a result, the health of millions of Americans is going downhill
faster than an Olympic skier.

Wait till you see what happens to animals deprived of this type of nutrient! 

It’s not pretty.  They quickly develop what we call – wrongly – the diseases
of aging.  Their offspring are even sicker, and the third generation is
sterile and half-dead.  The Special Report provides the details – the
frightening consequences you risk when this nutrient is missing from your

You’ll get complete details on every single fact and claim in this letter
when you purchase my new Special Report, The Missing Ingredient for Good

As you’ll discover, you can take all the vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies
and supplements you want and you still won’t get as well as you should.  It’s
all because you’re missing this nutrient.

In the report, you’ll see case after case where patients took all the
supplements from A to zinc and still suffered pain, heart disease, digestive
problems and even cancer.  When they added the “Missing Ingredient” their
symptoms got dramatically better and even completely disappeared.

Lifelong migraines, stomach upsets, pain and fatigue often go away almost
instantly for people who discover they lack this vital nutrient — and then do
something about it.


                 The Missing Ingredient for Good Health


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
42 S. Sherwood Dr.
Belton, Tx. 76513

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