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A Better Cancer Treatment...

A Better Cancer Treatment.

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Alternative doctors have to do most of the work while the medical
establishment persecutes them. The health authorities even send out police
with handcuffs to stop alternative doctors from practicing.

Conventional medicine is NOT interested in finding nutritional reasons behind
the epidemic of cancer, heart disease, allergies, learning disorders, and
autoimmune diseases like MS and arthritis. Far from it.  These prescription
drug-peddlers try to prove nutrition does NOT cure these diseases.  Boy, are
they wrong…

When you order your personal copy of the Special Report, you’re going to see
that the Missing Ingredient often achieves results just as dramatic as those
achieved by feeding limes to scurvy victims.  I’m talking about overnight

The class of nutrients you’ll discover in the Special Report can achieve
miracle “magic bullet” results. But you shouldn’t look at them that way.  You
should look at these nutrients as one of the essentials you need in a
lifetime of eating right, along with antioxidants, minerals. . .and things we
haven’t discovered yet.

Raw, unprocessed food achieves miracle cures –

And you can reap the same benefits through supplements

In the Special Report The Missing Ingredient for Good Health, you’ll see how
this new, overlooked nutrient works hand in hand with antioxidants, minerals
and other plant chemicals to fight the degenerative “diseases of old age.” 

These diseases are seldom found in people who eat right.

I’m telling you, alternative cancer doctors have cured many people just by
feeding them a diet of raw, uncooked, organic fruits, grains and vegetables.
Other cancer doctors achieve the same results with the supplements.  My
colleagues and I have toured the clinics, talked to the patients, and
witnessed the results.

And when I say cured, I mean “cured,” not just “delayed death.”  My
associates and I have met some of these lucky patients or received their
emails thanking us for the cancer information we publish in Special Reports
like Cancer Defeated and Natural Cancer Remedies that Work.

Now, let’s be clear: alternative cancer doctors can’t cure everyone. When it
comes to cancer, there’s no 100% sure thing.  For one thing, many of the
people who come to alternative cancer doctors are too far gone.  They’ve
waited too long.

But alternative cancer doctors do CURE a great many of these people and
prolong the lives of others far more effectively than conventional cancer
treatments such as chemotherapy.

And this remarkable success is partly due to the Missing Ingredient, which
you can start taking today as either uncooked food or in the form of
supplements available in any health food store.

And that’s a fact.

You’ll experience a “Eureka!” moment that can change your life
After reading the report, you’ll understand for the first time how good
nutrition works. You’ll see WHY more of us are coming down with chronic
diseases every year and how EASY it is to turn your health around with good
sense – and the new information in The Missing Ingredient for Good Health.

You’re protected by a 100% guarantee

You can order The Missing Ingredient for Good Health as a digital download or
as a hard copy.  Either way, you have a full year to read it, use it, and
think it over. If you’re not completely satisfied with the Special Report,
just let us know and one of our friendly customer service people will give
you a FULL REFUND.  No questions asked, no quibbling.  Every penny of your
money back.


                 The Missing Ingredient for Good Health


Well, as a practical matter you can’t return a digital download.  No matter.
You don’t have to return the hard copy, either, if you choose to order it. 

You can still get every penny back.

I’m not worried, because very few of our readers ask for a refund.  Instead,
we get letters thanking us for the life-changing information we’ve provided.
You risk nothing whatsoever

There’s no reason to pass by an offer like this.  The information is vitally
important.  Each and every one of us needs this nutrient.  We’re not getting
it.  And frankly, this deficiency is making a lot of people very sick.

You owe it to yourself to find out what’s what.  The Special Report The
Missing Ingredient for Good Health will set you on your way.

                 The Missing Ingredient for Good Health


With kindest regards,

Lee Euler

Writer and Publisher

God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
42 S. Sherwood Dr.
Belton, Tx. 76513

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