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A Better Cancer Treatment.

A Better Cancer Treatment.

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How could alternative doctors overlook this vital nutrient?

Alternative doctors do recommend “the Missing Ingredient” sometimes, for some
health problems.  But few alternative doctors put these nutrients on a par
with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other phytochemicals (nutrients
found in plants).

Most alternative doctors would tell you “the Missing Ingredient” is a second
or third level supplement, something you take “in addition to” the
“important” nutrients.

That’s dead wrong.

And within a few years, they’ll change their minds.  You’ll see – but you’ll
be there before them.  In a few years everyone will supplement with the
Missing Ingredient.  It’s far more powerful than most doctors know, as you
can see from the studies and patients I’ve cited.  Those examples are just
the tip of iceberg.

By the time you finish my Special Report, The Missing Ingredient for Good
Health, you’ll be convinced beyond doubt of the overwhelming importance of
these nutrients.

THINK OF IT:  cancer, heart disease, pain…even autism, for crying out loud…
are all linked to our poor diets.

Certain select doctors DO know about the Missing Ingredient

I stumbled across the Missing Ingredient only because I’ve spent the last
several years researching and writing about alternative cancer treatments.

My name is Lee Euler. I’m the publisher of a number of Special Reports on
alternative cancer treatments, including Natural Cancer Remedies that Work,
Cancer Defeated:  How Rich and Poor Alike Get Well in Foreign Clinics, and
The Oxygen Miracle.

 I’ve been writing and publishing alternative health information for more
than 15 years, and I thought I’d seen it all.  I was wrong.  I was shocked to
find out that something this important was overlooked by almost everybody.

It just goes to show how much we have to learn about all the nutrients we
need for good health.  As I found out, only a select few doctors know about
this important discovery…

The only people on earth who know this information

Alternative cancer doctors are just about the one group of people on earth
who know the true power of the Missing Ingredient.  They’ve achieved
remarkable results, but most alternative doctors stay miles away from cancer.

 They don’t know the latest strides being made in cancer treatment.

In America, an alternative doctor can lose his license for treating cancer
patients.  Few doctors take the risk.  It’s too bad, because that means
they’ve missed this incredible breakthrough.

Their tragic oversight could cost you your good health and your life, because
the Missing Ingredient is effective not only against cancer but also heart
disease, pain, arthritis, digestive problems, allergies, MS, lupus and more!

In other words, intimidation by America’s cancer police has caused most
alternative doctors – of all people – to miss a nutritional revolution!

Raw, fresh foods pack a punch you won’t believe

Cancer doctors have discovered that the food the patient eats is critical to
successful cancer treatment.  What’s more, the diets that cancer doctors
recommend have one big ingredient in common.  It’s a nutrient that’s NOT
found in cooked food – ONLY in raw food.

But it’s not my intention to nag you about getting four servings of
vegetables or five servings of fruit or whatever.  That’s wonderful to do,
but you can get this nutrient in a pill or capsule.

You probably don’t, because doctors who DON’T treat cancer know very little
about it and say even less.  That’s a shame because…

The benefits of this type of nutrient go way beyond cancer

Actually, you can find the most amazing benefits in autistic children when
they start to take the Missing Ingredient.  The results – detailed in my
Special Report The Missing Ingredient for Good Health – will make your eyes
pop right out of your head.

The proof is clear and undeniable. You’ll see.  And if you know a family with
an autistic child, you’ll give them this Special Report and beg them to read
it.  As far as that goes, if you know someone with cancer, heart disease,
fatigue or pain you’ll do the same thing!

You’ll want to tell everyone you know the good news!

Cancer doctors use the Missing Ingredient as one of many therapies, but with
the autistic children, the incredible improvement was the result of this
nutrient and ONLY this nutrient.  And the healing that took place was so
dramatic no one can deny it.

What’s more, the group of children involved was large – 260 kids.  And the
mother who collected the data was a trained scientist who was unusually
careful and rigorous.

In other words, the jury is in and the verdict has been rendered:  the
Missing Ingredient can change your life and save your life.

Information available nowhere else

Let me say this again:  I don’t sell these supplements.  I don’t make a dime
off the pills if the Special Report inspires you to change your life and
start taking them.  My only business is spreading this important information.

Only two or three books have been published about this nutrient. They went
almost unnoticed.  And as I said, most alternative doctors have missed this
critical news.

That means my Special Report, The Missing Ingredient for Good Health, is the
first publication to pull all facts and proof together into one place in a
way that will leave you in no doubt that your current diet and supplements
aren’t enough.

You could search in vain through hundreds of back issues of America’s most
popular health newsletters to find the breakthroughs I report in The Missing
Ingredient for Good Health. You’ll be so excited…

                 The Missing Ingredient for Good Health



God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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