Monday, March 11, 2013

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    Nitric Oxide Therapy-
 is provided from the Energy Infrared

Transmission and Skilling Noble Gas Technology of the Photon Genius and
produces Nitric Oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is considered the body’s
“miracle molecule” and is documented to be essential to correct many
conditions of the body from diabetes to hypertension, cancer to drug
addiction, stroke to intestinal motility, memory and learning disorders
to septic shock, sunburn to anorexia, male impotence to tuberculosis.

There is probably no pathological condition where Nitric Oxide does not
have a positive impact.

When you apply Infrared technology, researchers report seeing healing
results from the production of nitric oxide by the hemoglobin due to the
reaction of the photons of the Infrared on the enzymes, which produces
the nitric oxide gas. The immune cells get into the area and the
circulation is increased. Pain is reduced, and the area then is reported
to have the immune cells necessary to get complete healing.

The wide-ranging results of nitric oxide may pay off in new treatments

• Atherosclerosis (a thickening of artery walls);
• Septic shock (a dangerous drop in blood pressure);
• Cancer (the ultimate chronic infection)

    Detoxification – Health can, in large measure, be dependent on one’s
understanding of the seven systems that the body uses to eliminate waste
and toxic matters (liver, lungs, lymphatic system, circulatory system,
skin, colon, kidneys). When these systems are working effectively the
result is good health. When they are compromised all types of
complications can result. To understand detoxification one needs to have
a clear understanding of the body’s channels of elimination.

When the body confronts a toxin or foreign substance it uses these
channels of elimination to purge the toxin as quickly as possible. The
key to excellent health is having these seven channels of elimination
functioning optimally. In 1904 a Russian Naturopathic Physician by the
name of Eli Metchnikof discovered that the body would recycle any toxin
that it was not capable of purging. In the recycling process the body
would utilize all seven channels of elimination to try to eliminate the
toxic substance from the body. If one’s health has been compromised there
is often a direct correlation that one or more of the body’s channels of
elimination is not working effectively. The Photon Genius provides some

of the most unique and impressive detoxification strategies and
technologies of virtually any known protocol or instrument in existence,
stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems via infrared and anti-
oxidative processes including vasodilation, stimulating the liver, colon,
kidneys and skin via thermo therapy and sauna therapy, elimination of
toxins through the skin and other organs, etc.

The Photon Genius, for example, may very well strengthen the body’s own
ability to combat serious health issues and problems, while increasing
metabolism and thereby affecting weight management, circulation,
elimination, rejuvenation, detoxification, etc. The list of researched
and patient represented health benefits is long and impressive – the
result -- a body in homeostasis.


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