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    Anti-oxidative Therapy
 is provided through the introduction of
medical ozone, and thereafter converted to hydrogen peroxide in the body,
through the skin. Pathogens cannot survive in the presence of ozone,
hydrogen peroxide or Nitric Oxide, yet the cells are assisted in
receiving oxygen from the blood through these beneficial substances and
this improved circulation.

Many claim that bio-oxidative therapy with food quality hydrogen peroxide
can heal any disease or illness. While we may not go that far, ozone,
nitric oxide and hydrogen peroxide act like powerful anti-oxidants in the
body (in vivo), though they exist as free radicals in the laboratory (in
vitro). This paradox causes many to believe that they cannot work in the
human body. However, these agents do act as scavengers in the body in
test after test, and can eliminate damaged cells, pathogens and parasites
from the body. Thousands of doctors in Europe use these technologies in
their every day practices with remarkable result.

The Photon Genius provides ozone into the body through the skin from the
noble gas discharge tubes, and this is what creates the powerful
scavenger anti-oxidant affect, and can, in many cases, cure many diseases
including cancer and lyme disease.

    Light Therapy – is also provided with the proprietary Noble Gas Tube
Technology of the Photon Genius with four groups of vacuum-sealed noble
gas tubes that are ionized in a plasma state to produce the dynamics of
frequency harmonics transmitted through different healing colors
producing different harmonic frequencies of bio-photonic energy at the
same time. There are 150 linear feet of Noble Gas tubes providing the
greatest harmonic frequency concentration and transmission in the widest
range and intensity of any instrument in existence.

Some of the medical applications of light therapy include pain
management, accelerated wound healing, hair growth, improvement in blood
properties and blood circulation, and sinus-related diseases and skin
disorders. Though the popular consumer understanding of "light therapy"
is associated with treating seasonal affective disorder and skin
conditions like psoriasis, eczema, neonatal jaundice and acne vulgaris,
other applications include the application of low level laser, red light,
near infrared and ultraviolet lights for pain management, hair growth,
skin treatments, and accelerated wound healing. Much research has been
done on light therapy to date. Recent research suggests that light
therapy may ease Parkinson’s disease by reducing patient’s tremors. A
qualitative study conducted on a 20-person cohort of women and published
in 2011 suggested a positive impact of light therapy on overall cognitive
function in Alzheimer's disease patients.

    Sound Therapy - Conventional physics does not regard sound as part of
the electromagnetic spectrum. However, every frequency in the
electromagnetic spectrum has a corresponding sound, even if we cannot
hear it. Thus, audible and inaudible sound has an intricate relationship
to electro-magnetic frequencies and can also be utilized for healing.

Sound has been shown to purify water, of which the body is made up of 60%
water. The brain is made up of 70% water. Sound and light both have a
profound healing and purifying affect on water. This is no longer
conjecture but proven fact by scientists who have studied the affects of
sound and light on water. In fact, sales of purification systems, based
on sound, are now readily available.

For millennia, the ancient sages have said that our bodies respond to
vibration. The vibration and resonance of sound and harmonic frequency is
now known to have a powerful affect on our bodies and water in our bodies
along with other organizing components like cells and organs. String
theory has come a long way to prove why sound and vibration have
everything to do with body function at the atomic level. In short, in a
world where vibration reigns supreme, the sounds and vibrations that fill
the world outside of us can influence and change the vibrations inside of
us, affecting our health and well being for better or for worse. The
converse would also be true—the vibrations emanating from inside of us
affect and change what takes place in the environment outside of us.

Hermetic philosophers taught that one of the seven major principles we
should live by is the principle of vibration: everything is in motion and
everything vibrates. Chinese healers (and modern acupuncturists) seek to
restore the flow of energy (or chi) through the body’s meridians. In the
Chinese system, particular healing sounds are associated with one of the
five organ systems of the body and can help balance the body and
emotions. Hindu, Buddhist and Jewish sages taught that sound, in the form
of specific mantras, divine names and prayers, can bring about a host of
powerful effects, both external and internal. Sound, or vibrational
medicine is now a part of modern holistic healing lexicon and practice.

The works of Dr. Hans Jenny and Dr. Masaru Emoto literally prove that our
cells respond to sound and there is a healing affect associated with
sound and vibration. There is no question that sound and vibration play a
vital role in our lives, and in our health. This is just another reason
that the Photon Genius is so helpful in the treatment of illness.


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